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When Does IKEA Restock

When Does IKEA Restock

When does IKEA restock items? IKEA is a popular furniture and home furnishing retail company. It sources its products from all over the world. Being a large company with megastores across many cities in several countries, it doesn’t lack the resources to source its products. However, it still sometimes runs out of items.

Products can also be unavailable for other reasons like logistics and supply issues. Some of these problems are beyond the control of IKEA. When does IKEA restock? It depends on several factors.

IKEA Claims to Restock Every Day

IKEA claims to replenish its stocks daily, but people have often reported not finding their required items here. IKEA cannot restock items that are not available in its stock.

Information provided by the employees indicates that while some items are restocked every day, other products are restocked in one to a few weeks (two weeks on average).

IKEA Notification System

Many customers have reported not finding a particular item for weeks and months even though they keep visiting the store regularly and being on the SMS list for their desired product.

The SMS system of IKEA alerts when the product on the watchlist becomes available in the store. It helps avoid visiting the store regularly to check if a particular product is available.

How to Check If a Product Is Available with IKEA

Now you do not have to visit an IKEA store near you to check if the product you are searching for is available with it. Visit its website to check the product’s availability at a nearby store.

Enter your zip code in the location search bar on the IKEA website. Enter your product name and click the search button. If you are ordering online, you will be able to see the product’s availability, pickup, and delivery options during the checkout.

When does IKEA restock?
When does IKEA restock?

How to Check If a Product Is Available at a Local IKEA Store

Enter the zip code in the My Location search bar on the IKEA website, and then enter your product name.

Click the search button to see the product page, where you will know if the product is available in an IKEA store near you.

If the product you are searching for is unavailable at a local IKEA store, you can search for other nearby IKEA stores close to your location.

Get a Notification When an Unavailable Product Becomes Available

If a product you need is not currently available with IKEA, you can get notified by it when that item arrives. You can receive notifications by email or SMS.

Provide your email or phone number on the product page to receive alerts about the availability of particular products. Provide this information on the product page.

You will receive a notification when the product becomes available at a store near you.

When Does IKEA Restock Large Products?

Large furniture items like beds, bookshelves, coaches, and desks are usually restocked once a week. It is important to note that IKEA is not involved in manufacturing all the products it sells.

While it has its workshops where some furniture items it sells are made, most products it sells are sourced from other manufacturers and suppliers.

All product-supplying and selling companies have recently faced supply issues due to the pandemic that has affected the operations of companies operating in the manufacturing, transport, and logistics sectors.

When does IKEA restock?
When does IKEA restock?

When Does IKEA Restock Small Items?

Small items like kitchen products, storage solutions, lamps, and home decor items are restocked every 1-2 days.

Sometimes these items are restocked quickly because IKEA has those items in sufficient numbers in its storage center at the store site itself.

Some popular items become unavailable due to the heavy demands and because their manufacturers cannot supply them fast enough.

Electronic items are usually available, but products in other categories may not always be available.

Shop on Monday for As-Is Section

If you are looking for products in the as-is section, you will likely face no issue buying them if you visit this section on Monday.

This is the section where products returned by the customers are stocked. These products are sold at a discount under the clearance sale.

Remember that some of these items may be half-assembled or have some scratches or minor damages.

However, they present an excellent opportunity to buy some expensive items at reduced prices if you are not that particular about the appearance of the product.

When does IKEA restock?
When does IKEA restock?

Shop on Wednesday for Other Products

Wednesday is the right day to visit IKEA if you are looking for other products that usually become unavailable.

After the weekend rush, IKEA has sufficient time to refill the shelves and sections with all the missing items.

Monday and Tuesday see less rush, so you are more likely to find your favorite product at IKEA on Wednesday.

My own custom hacks for finding out restock times…

Here’s my experience with finding out restocking times at most retailers in the United States. The first thing to know is that information is always changing. Standard operating procedures are always changing.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Call them – Yes, it’s simple. Best Buy, Walmart, and all the retail stores. All you have to do is call and ask when they’re going to get new stock!
  • Ask to get a product on hold – They’re going to get the sale! Ask them, “Hey, I’m really looking for this product. Can you get it?” Sounds simple, right? It is!

Those are my simple tips for getting this problem solved…

Common questions

Questions and answers about IKEA’s inventory.

What Factors Affect IKEA’s Restocking Time?

These factors include product popularity, manufacturing, shipping, logistics, transport, and the holiday season.

How Long Does It Take IKEA to Restock Any Item?

IKEA claims to restock its shelves and sections every day, but people have sometimes reported not finding products at its stores. Depending on the product availability, IKEA restocks items within 1-2 days to 1-3 weeks.

Does Item Size Affect the Restocking Time?

Small items are restocked faster but replenishing larger items take time.

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