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Whataburger Breakfast Hours

Whataburger Breakfast Hours

I love me some Whataburger! And I love their breakfast. I was surprised to learn that most people don’t know about the Whataburger breakfast hours! So I decided to fix that!

If you are looking for a unique food chain in Texas or anywhere else in America, you cannot miss Whataburger. Whataburger is known to serve delicious food 24×7.

Besides being open throughout the day, it is also well known for serving breakfast all through the night until 11 o’clock.

The breakfast hours at Whataburger start at 11pm and go on until 1am. The fresh burgers served at all hours of the day are a win-win for the early birds and the night owls and have, thus, become everyone’s go-to breakfast.

My experience with the Whataburger breakfast…

I would say that I stack this right up to the McDonald’s breakfast! If you’re picky, though, you’re going to want to go to McDonald’s instead. The reason? You simply have more options!

But if a basic American breakfast is what you’re looking for, I wouldn’t hesitate to start out at Whataburger (as long as it’s nearby!).

Whataburger breakfast menu
Whataburger breakfast menu

What’s so special about Whataburger? A little bit on the company and why you might want to choose it for your breakfast…

Whataburger has a specially curated breakfast menu that includes specific items that are only available during special breakfast hours. This includes the Whataburger Breakfast Burger that made its way onto the menu in 2019 and saw a return again in 2022.

The Whataburger breakfast burger, which was a new launch just a few years back, is now every foodie’s favorite go-to breakfast. The finger-licking burger comes with a 4-inch bun conveniently stuffed with freshly fried beef patty, egg, and hashbrowns with some savory bacon, topped with American cheese and the well-known Classic creamy pepper sauce.

Whataburger Breakfast Bowl is another gem on the breakfast menu of the restaurant. Another unique thing about this restaurant is that it does not make all the items on the breakfast menu remain available during other times of the day. Even though the food- giant lets you have the colie-filled cheesy burgers for breakfast, it does not serve these special burgers throughout the day.

What keeps foodies interested in Whataburger is its tasty food and its ever-evolving menu. The food chain very well knows how to keep bringing in more and more customers with new additions to the menu. Whether it be burgers or sauces, Whataburger keeps experimenting and introducing new things repeatedly.

Whataburger honey butter chicken biscuit — YUM!
Whataburger honey butter chicken biscuit — YUM!

What’s on the “Breakfast Menu?” Why we like it!

Some other items on its breakfast menu include Breakfast on a Bun, Pancake Platter, Breakfast Platter, an Egg Sandwich, etc.

The tremendous use of eggs during breakfast hours also became trouble for Whataburger. A few years back, the food chain had to reduce its breakfast hours due to an egg shortage in the United States. However, the usual breakfast hours were resumed once the egg shortage came to an end.

But if you have to ask me, I’m a big fan of that all-American breakfast!

Why should you choose Whataburger for breakfast?

Whataburger also comes to the rescue when you want to stuff yourself with some delicious food either after or before grabbing a few drinks.

The outlet sees the inflow of customers at all times, which is probably why it provides the special breakfast menu at such unique times.

The breakfast hours at the fast food joint starts and ends at the same time every day—regardless of if its weekdays or weekends.

Even though Whataburger stays open throughout the day, the breakfast hours are limited to half a day. If you are interested in grabbing waffles or anything else that has eggs, then you need to visit during Breakfast Hours.

This is also a special thing about this fast food chain it serves eggs only from 11 pm – 11 am.

Whataburger Lunch Hours

As Whataburger is a 24-hour restaurant, it starts serving lunch as soon as its breakfast hours end. So, the lunch hours at this famous food joint are from 11 am – 11 pm.

Common questions

Questions and answers about the Whataburger breakfast (and more!)

What should “health freaks” not eat or avoid at Whataburger?

The Triple Meat Whataburger, which has 1,130 calories, is not the most ideal choice for those who are conscious about their diets.

Does Whataburger use frozen meat in its burgers?

No, all Whataburgers are made using 100% pure and fresh beef. Frozen meat is never used to make delicious Whataburgers.

Do all outlets of Whataburger have breakfast hours?

Yes, the Breakfast hours do not differ as per location. All outlets of Whataburger throughout the country have breakfast hours from 11 pm – 11 am.

Is Whataburger serving the Breakfast Bowl?

Yes, the Breakfast Bowl is being served at all outlets. It comes with scrambled eggs, deliciously crispy hashbrowns, freshly baked biscuit with creamy gravy, sausage or bacon of your choice, and cheddar jack cheese.

How can I find a Whataburger location?

Whataburger has around 900 outlets/locations, most of which are located close by (if you’re looking for it now). The burger outlet also has a store finder on its website. You can click on the locations option and enter the details of your location, like the state and zip code.

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