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Walmart Vision Center

Walmart Vision Center

I wanted to check out the Walmart vision center for myself… Here’s what I ended up finding out!

The Walmart vision center is among the most reliable and affordable places to buy appropriate glasses and contact lenses for your eyes.

Typically, you would visit the center for eye tests and get your vision number prescription from verified professionals with the assistance of top-notch testing equipment.

After getting a prescription, you can grab affordable and stylish glasses or contact lenses to match your personality.

My own experience going…

Before we get into the things that I found out when I went, I would actually rate this a 4.7 out of 5 in terms of experience. Very similar to going to Walmart for my nails, I found that visiting a Walmart location for my eyecare needs rather than an optometrist (note: all doctors at the Walmart vision center are optometrists), is quite easy!

I would highly recommend this for people who live in small towns and might need to visit one of these locations for their common needs. Those in larger cities, like a metropolitan area, are probably not going to need these services at their local Walmart (many optometrist offices available to offer the same things).

Walmart Vision Center
Walmart Vision Center

10 reasons to choose Walmart vision center over other stores

Here are the top ten reasons why I think you should go!

1) Walmart vision center is a complete package

If you want to buy prescription glasses, you’ll need to visit a few places.

First, you need to get your eyes tested by a medical center to obtain a prescription with a vision number.

Second, you need to buy eyeglasses from a different place because hospitals and clinics do not sell glasses.

Walmart vision center is a place that you visit once to get everything done for you, eyes-starting from tests to choosing from stylish options. 

2) Walmart vision center offers eye care

  • Eye tests to determine your vision number.
  • Contact lens exams.
  • Glasses: Prescription glasses, myopic and hetero myopic glasses, sunglasses, computer glasses, reading glasses, etc. 
  • Contact lenses: single vision, bifocals, etc.

3) Walmart vision center provides you with medical assistance 

Walmart vision center ensures proper medical care of your eyes through its modern high-tech equipment for testing vision numbers and contact lenses.

The staff that conducts the eye exams, prepares prescriptions, and offers contact lens care are verified medical professionals! Always good to know!

4) Walmart vision center sells luxury sunglasses

The Walmart Vision Center offers a wide variety of eyewear. Besides prescription glasses and contact lenses, you can shop for high-end and designer sunglasses. You might think that Walmart’s vision center is only for budget-friendly options. But it’s not!

It features the best affordable eyewear and high-end brands alike in different colors, frames, and sizes. You can shop for glasses under US $100 or choose to spend thousands of dollars on branded eyewear. 

5) Walmart vision center features brands you know and trust!

Big names like Michael Kors, Ray-Ban, Guess, Armani Exchange, Prada, Fossil, Versace, Jack Spade, Vera Wang, and many more such brands mark their presence in the Walmart vision center. 

6) Walmart vision center enables you to fetch contact lenses

The Walmart Vision Center gets you the best contact lenses in the market from big brands that you know and trust. Based on your prescription, you can choose between eyeglasses and/or contact lenses.

Walmart offers you to buy reusable, disposable, daily-wear, and extendable glasses according to your prescription. The lenses are impact-resistant, anti-smudge, anti-scratch, water-resistant, etc.

There are economical options and long-term lenses to choose from trustworthy brand names that you’d see online or in-store from other retailers! 

7) Walmart vision center contact lens exam

The Walmart Vision Center carefully examines your eyes through a contact lens exam. The service is quite tailored and provides a quality exam.

Healthcare professionals at the center provide 360-assistance to people who are new to contact lenses.

There are a number of contact lens options available to you (like you would see in other optometrist offices). They do have colored contact lenses, which I thought was cool!

8) Walmart vision center houses trustworthy brands of contact lenses 

The Walmart Vision Center features brand-name contact lens companies like Acuvue, Dailies, SofLens, Air Optix, Equate, Biofinity, Ultraflex, Frequency, Eureka, PureVision, and many more. 

9) Walmart vision center recommends eyewear based on face shape

Walmart vision center assures that running low on eyesight is no longer a problem but a choice that levels up your fashion through its large variety of eyewear.

On the official website, the Walmart Vision Center recommends the correct suitable glasses according to the shape of your face and other body type features.

You can visit the vision center to try on different glasses and lenses until you find the best for yourself. The staff is always there to help provide some great recommendations.

10) Walmart vision center ensures insurance and warranty

All the products, including sunglasses, eyeglasses, and contact lenses, offer a warranty period to protect your interest. The center offers various vision plans to support anyone on a budget as well!

Each product has a different warranty period depending upon its nature and brand. Walmart Vision Center accepts major insurance providers to safeguard your health and wellness. These insurers will vary by the state that you’re in. Although, they do suggest that they carry most major insurers across the country (I would expect that given the size of Walmart!)

Common questions

Questions (with answers!):

What eye exams does Walmart Vision Center offer?

Walmart Vision Center offers:
– Eye exam
Contact lens exam
Verified medical professionals conduct these exams with the latest equipment to provide you with accurate vision numbers and recommendations.

How much am I likely to spend at Walmart Vision Center? 

Walmart vision center offers a wide variety of glasses from US $30 to $40. Depending upon your choice of taking an eye exam or not, you can think of spending anywhere between US $100- $120 for a complete package. If you wish to buy contact lenses, plan to spend anywhere below $200 for a contact lens exam. For buying sunglasses from big brands, you can think of spending anywhere between US $350- $1000.

Is Walmart’s vision center only for those who have weak eyesight?

No, you can buy sunglasses from big brands irrespective of your eyesight. Meaning, it’s good for common customers to check it out if they’re looking for optical lenses of any kind!

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