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Walmart Key Copy

Walmart Key Copy

Can Walmart copy keys? Several surveys suggest that keys top the list of items that are easily lost by us. Hence, it’s important to have a copy of your keys to avoid getting too hassled in case of any emergency. Thankfully, this service is offered by Walmart, saving time and money and ensuring your privacy.

About: What are Walmart’s Key Copy Services?

“Walmart Key Copy” is a popular service provided by Walmart. Anyone wishing to get a copy of his/her original keys can make one within minutes. It’s quite quick, easy, and affordable.

Accessibility of service: How does Walmart provide this service?

In most of its stores, Walmart provides this service using a machine or a booth called MinuteKey. The machine performs the cloning process using robotics and laser imaging, getting the job done in about two minutes, precisely.

The automatic kiosk has a user-friendly interface in which a user is guided at every step. Most people do not need any expert help. You can choose from the designs available and then wait for the key! As simple as that!

Walmart key copy kiosk
Walmart key copy kiosk

Can all keys be copied?

No. Though it’s possible to clone the most commonly used keys, like those of Schlage-SC1 or Titan and a few vehicle keys, all keys cannot be copied. For example, keys of highly secure locks, such as Mul-T-Lock, cannot be copied by the machine.

Most car keys, especially modern ones, are unlikely to be copied here. Cloning these might not be as easy as cloning a home or an office key. Also, the cost of copying car keys is higher, again depending on the type of key. If it’s a transponder key, it cannot be copied.

Moreover, the machine is only capable of copying flat keys. Any bent or even slightly damaged key will not be copied.

Therefore, any extraordinary key with specialized features and/or a unique design might not get copied.

Credibility: Issues with copied keys?

There are typically no issues when it comes to how copied keys work.

However, if the robot has not properly cut a key, MinuteKey assures a complete refund within a month (thirty days).

Operating the kiosk: How to operate the kiosk?

The kiosk is to be serviced by the customer herself. Following instructions have to be followed:

1- Press the START button and put the key in the slot provided.

2- Select a design for your key and proceed with the payment process. The designs include flags, sports team logos, pets, and many more.

3- Once you are done with this, wait for your copy.

4- Don’t forget to remove the original key before leaving.

Cost of Copying: What’s the cost?

A few minutes of your time and a few dollars of your money. It takes anywhere between two to six dollars to copy a regular key. However, the cost will change depending on the type of key.

Any regular car key with non-specialized features might get copied for about $10. At the same time, a modern-day transponder car key could cost up to 330 dollars. The above could also take a slightly longer time to get programmed.

Also, few kiosks are capable of copying card keys at the cost of about 25 to 30 dollars.

A warning note, though! It’s important to remember that the machine will not offer any change for payments made in cash. Therefore, it’s better to carry a credit or debit card.

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Pros and cons of Walmart key copy services

What are the benefits of this service?

  • The job is done at an affordable price and in a quick amount of time.
  • The privacy of the user is ensured. Giving your original key to a stranger and asking him to produce a duplicate is not entirely safe. Here, the process is done by a machine.
  • Anyone can easily use Walmart’s key copy because of its user-friendly interface.

What are the drawbacks?

  • Not all kiosks can clone all keys. They cannot clone specialized modern-day car keys.
  • Only a few stores provide the facility of InstaFob to copy card keys.
  • No change is offered for the cash payments for reasons best known to the company.

Improvements: What could be improved?

  • Such services are extremely important and come in handy in emergency situations. Therefore, they must be made more accessible.
  • Using suitable technology and conditions, there must be an option to get a copy of a car key (transponder key).
  • The option of using cash must be considered and given priority.

Common questions

Questions shoppers have about the key copy service.

Are all kiosks the same?

Not all Walmart key copy kiosks are the same. Some of them are capable of copying even a Padlock key like Master Lock M1 or Weiser WR3. But most of them are designed to clone the most commonly used home and office keys only.

Does Walmart copy keys for bank safes?

No, Walmart does not copy keys for bank safes.

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