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Walmart Gift Card Exchange

Walmart Gift Card Exchange

What is the Walmart gift card exchange? Walmart Gift Cards can be plastic gift cards or e-Gift cards. You can buy them online or from their stores. You can redeem these cards at all their stores and some Sam’s Club stores, too!

Plus, you can redeem them online. They are very useful as you can use them for almost any products available at these stores. The problem is that getting rid of them is very hard if you do not want to redeem them.

Can I Exchange My Walmart Gift Card?

Want to exchange your gift card for cash at a Walmart Store? By their own policies, this is, unfortunately, not possible.

Walmart Gift Cards are non-refundable; you can only redeem them by purchasing products at the stores. The most you can do if you do not want anything from Walmart is to redeem it at Sam’s Club. 

If you want something at Sam’s Club, then redeeming the Gift Card there will help you get rid of the card in the quickest possible way. Since it’s a membership-only establishment, it might offer you more limited items.

Gift Cards at Walmart
Gift Cards at Walmart

Can I Get Cash From Walmart By Returning My Gift Card?

By the stated policy of all Walmart Gift car purchases, you cannot sell these cards back to Walmart. So Walmart will not pay you the value of your gift card instead of redeeming it through the purchase of items.

But in some states, the law requires Walmart to pay out cash for these cards. In these states, they will refund some cash when the card reaches a minimum amount.

Since these cards are for purchasing merchandise, they can also not be used to purchase alcohol, tobacco, or services. In states like California, when the card balance reaches $10 it can be cashed out at the Walmart store.

Can’t I Get A Refund If Walmart Gave Me The Gift Card By Mistake?

If a Gift Card is issued by the direct error of Walmart, you can cash it out at the store. This is an exceptional case, but there are provisions in the store policy for resolving this.

Imagine you have gone in to return an item at Walmart. If the executive at the service desk hands you a Gift Card instead of a refund it is their fault.

Salaried management can verify if such a mistake has occurred and override the normal functioning of the cash register. This is the only possible way to allow cashing out of the gift card at the cash register at Walmart.

If Someone Steals My Gift Card, Will Walmart Repay Me?

Walmart only bears liability for the value of your gift card if you are trying to redeem it at their store, online, or through Sam’s Club. Otherwise, they are under no legal obligation to repay you for the Gift Card under any circumstances.

So, if you have lost your Walmart Gift Card or it has been stolen, do not expect Walmart to replace it. In fact, your best course of action, in this case, would be to report its theft and deactivate it.

This would ensure that no third party can use your credentials to redeem the card. Walmart is not liable if this happens, as the card is your responsibility.

If I Do Not Want The Walmart Gift Card, Can I Sell It As A Promotion For Walmart?

This is certainly not possible as Walmart does not produce Gift Cards for promotional use. In fact, to prevent such a thing, it prevents the direct purchase of more than 750 gift cards, and you have to talk to their executives about such transactions.

Walmart Gift Cards are meant to be used by customers directly or as business gifts. They are not tools for marketing or advertising.

Walmart is explicit in its policies regarding using Walmart’s name or logo in matters of the sale or purchase of Walmart Gift Cards as a Walmart-sponsored service. If anyone promises to buy your gift card as a subsidiary of Walmart, they are lying.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should look through these commonly asked questions if you are still unsure what to do with your Walmart Gift Card. We have painstakingly put together accurate information to help you resolve your questions.

Can I Cash Out My Walmart Gift Card Once It Expires?

Walmart Gift Cards do not have any expiration date. Even if they did, cashing out is prevented by Walmart store policy in the first place.

Can I Sell My Walmart Gift Card To A Third Party Vendor?

Some third-party service providers buy Walmart Gift Cards. They can help you cash out. But they are not endorsed by Walmart.

Will Third Party Buys Pay For My Entire Walmart Gift Card Balance?

Third-party buyers only pay for a portion of the Walmart Gift Card balance. So you might have to search for the best available deal.

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