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Does Trader Joes Deliver

Does Trader Joes Deliver

I’m a huge fan of Trader Joe’s. And I must admit that every time that I go, there’s quite a bit line of people getting groceries (doesn’t matter if it’s 1pm in the afternoon on a Tuesday!). That’s why I wanted to ask and answer the question, “Does Trader Joe’s deliver?”

So, they don’t! But there are lots of options out. For me, in my area, I even have people who are willing to do errands for you for a small fee. They are local and don’t offer their services nationwide. I definitely gave them a shot, and it worked out well.

Although, for most people, they’re going to need a national option!

Why doesn’t Trader Joe’s deliver? This seems like a missed opportunity…

Most stores accept customer orders over the phone and online, so they can deliver products to the customer’s doorstep. However, Trader Joe’s does not do home delivery.

They also do not offer curbside pickup for customers. They did offer delivery in New York for some time but stopped the services due to increased costs of food and labor.

The company said that it did not want to pass on the unsustainable costs of delivery to customers but wanted to focus on adding value. Trader Joe’s “went on the record” to say that if you’re buying from places like Amazon, they can’t guarantee the food quality or even stand behind it (of course, this makes perfect sense!).

They have clarified that if any of their products are seen online, it is not authorized, and you are not buying from them.

Does Trader Joe's deliver or not!?
Does Trader Joe’s deliver or not!?

7 ways to get Trader Joe’s delivery at your home

While Trader Joe’s itself does not offer delivery, it is not the end of the road. If you are not able to visit Trader Joe’s and want their products to be delivered, there are other options available.

Check out the following seven options and choose the one that is most feasible for you.

1) Buying them through Amazon

You can find Trader Joe’s products for sale on Amazon. These products are sold by a few sellers who visit the store, buy them, and then resell them. Since they put in time, effort, and money they charge a margin on the product prices.

You will find that the prices of the products are much more expensive than at the store. If you don’t have time to visit the store and prefer online delivery, then this is an option to consider.

2) Get them from eBay

eBay is a popular online shopping and auction platform. Just like Amazon, it allows sellers to offer their products on eBay. You will find that there are different kinds of Trader Joe’s products for sale on eBay. You can order these products and get them home delivered.

Be prepared to shell out more, as the seller would add a margin to the sale price. You must remember Trader Joe’s has clearly mentioned that they are not offering products for sale online. In case you buy from here and find a defective product, you are unlikely to get a refund or replacement.

3) Use Craigslist

Craigslist offers an interesting way to get Trader Joe’s products home delivered. Craigslist is a classifieds website where people post jobs needed and jobs on offer. There would be many people on this platform willing to shop for you at Trader Joe’s and deliver the products to your home.

Visit their website and post your requirement. Once you find someone who is interested, you can negotiate terms.

They would then visit the store and get you the products you need. You must note the process can take a lot of time (even a few days). So, if you are not in a hurry, then try this option.

4) Try out Dumpling

Dumpling is a platform for personal shoppers. The platform has registered shoppers who would be willing to do your shopping for you.

Download their app for iOS or Android depending on your device type.

Use the app to find personal shoppers in your city who would be ready to shop for you.

Give them a list of products (your shopping needs) to buy from Trader Joe’s.

They do the shopping and deliver the products to your home.

Typically, you would add a tip. Depending on their services, you can tip them 10% to 20%.

5) Use TaskRabbit

Task Rabbit is an errand platform. The platform has taskers who are willing to run errands for you. Download and install their app for iOS or Android.

Use the app and search for taskers to shop at Trader Joe’s on your behalf. Give them a list of things to buy.

They would go and shop at Trader Joe’s on your behalf and deliver the products. Tip them as per standard tipping norms or pay them the price agreed.

6) Ask a friend to help

A simple and easy way to get Trader Joe’s products is to ask a friend to help you. Use Whatsapp, Facebook, or other platforms to reach out to your online friends.

Ask if any of them are planning to visit Trader Joe’s. If anyone is going, give them a shopping list and request them to shop for you.

It’s an easy way to get things from Trader Joe’s. You can compensate your friend for their time and effort.

7) Search at Walmart

Some of the Walmart stores do offer Trader Joe’s products. If you are visiting a Walmart store near you, check out if they have these products.

You can also try searching online. Walmart’s website offers some Trade Joe’s products.

It is a convenient way to deliver your favorite Trader Joe’s products right to your home. 

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