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Target Student Discount

Target Student Discount

Does Target offer a student discount? Yes, Target does offer a student discount. To receive the discount, students must sign up on Target’s website and provide proof of their student status. Once their student discount status has been verified, they will be eligible for a 15% discount on their purchases.

My experience with the Target student discount…

It’s actually quite easy to get… Okay, you might have to fill out a few forms. But what things these days don’t ask for a few forms? The reality is that the 15% savings that you get are well worth the short amount of time it will take to get the discount.

And don’t forget—you’ll be able to use it all year long and into the following years. It makes it so worth it to me!

Target student discount
Target student discount

How to get a student discount at Target

Here are the steps to get a student discount at Target stores:

  • Create an account on using your personal email, first and last name, and optional mobile phone number.
  • In your account, select “Get Verified” and upload documents proving you are a student at a qualifying institution (university, vocational/trade/technical school, community college, or postsecondary school).
  • Once your student status is verified, you can show cashiers the student discount coupon before paying for your purchases.
  • Check your receipt to confirm that the student discount has been applied.

Once your discount status has been verified—you will receive the discount on your purchases (yay!).

Can you get student discounts online—at the Target website? 

Shopping online at can be a great student experience with huge discounts across the store. If you already have a verified student account and discount code, you can receive up to 15% off on your order.

Additionally, suppose you are over 16 years old. In that case, their partnership with UniDays gives you access to even more discounts of up to 20% off for optical items such as eyeglasses and contact lens packaging. 

To get this exclusive deal, copy the promotion code from UniDays onto the discount bar at checkout – your wallet will thank you for it!

What items can you use your student discount on at Target?

Students can take advantage of the 15% student discount to purchase:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Groceries
  • Household essentials
  • Furniture
  • Electronics and more

When shopping at Apple mini-stores in Target – however – the 10% student discount from Apple applies instead. Don’t forget!

Both in-store and online shopping qualify for this great discount. With their Room Essentials label catering specifically towards student life, you’re sure to find amazing deals on products such as school supplies, decorations, bedding, and kitchen items all at an unbeatably low cost. 

Don’t forget that student discounts do not apply to sales or products involved in promotions like “buy one get one free,” so keep an eye out for those fantastic deals before committing.

Can you use the 15% discount multiple times?

Unfortunately, no. The 15% discount can only be used once per purchase and is not eligible for use on multiple purchases. If you would like to make more than one purchase with this discount, we suggest making them all in the same transaction.

How to verify yourself as a student at Target

For verifying student status and offering discounts, Target uses SheerID – a company specializing in this area.

To verify your student status, you will need to provide the following:

  • Name of your school or college.
  • Your first and last name and date of birth (as recorded by the school).
  • Your mobile phone number to receive an authorization code via SMS.
  • School or personal email address.

In some cases, you may be asked to provide additional documentation to prove your student status, such as:

  • A picture or scanned photograph of your personal student ID card.
  • A copy of your class schedule.
  • A copy of your tuition receipt.

If you are having trouble getting verified, you can contact Target’s Guest Services at 1-800-440-0680 for assistance.

What is Target Circle? And should students get it?

Target Circle is a loyalty program offered by Target that allows customers to earn rewards on their purchases.

The benefits of Target Circle membership can really add up, particularly if you’re a college student. With the regular 15% discount (awesome!) available to all students, membership with Target Circle can make it possible to save even more.

Moreover, the rewards program offers exclusive coupons designed for college students to help them save extra money on qualifying purchases.

Whether you’re looking for clothing, groceries, home goods, or entertainment items, taking advantage of this membership opportunity can help make your budget stretch further!


Overall, Target is giving students a chance to save money. If you are in college, you can get 15% off your orders online and in the store. Unlock deep discounts today by simply signing in to your Target account and verifying your status.

Common questions

Target student discount shopper questions:

How do I get the 20% student discount?

If you’re a verified student, don’t miss out! Reap the reward of an instant 20% discount when you sign up for Target Circle either online or through the app. It’s that easy – just select the “account tab” in your app and begin saving today!

What is the Target birthday discount?

When you join Target Circle, get ready to celebrate your birthday in style! Each year, you’ll receive an exclusive 20% off coupon that can be used on a single item. Plus, if you sign up for a RED card during your birthday month, you can save even more with an extra 5% off when used together.

How do teachers get 15% off at Target?

All qualified educators can get a 15% reduction on their purchases by registering for a Target Circle account electronically or via the app. Furthermore, AARP members are entitled to additional discounts when shopping at Target!

What happens to your student discount if you are graduated?

If you want to take advantage of student discounts after you graduate, see if your school did the same thing with your ID and email. If not, it might not be accepted.

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