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Target Employee Discount

Target Employee Discount

What is the Target employee discount? Are you an employee of Target? If so, make sure to listen closely because you have access to a very special discount. That’s right; if you work for a popular store chain, you receive a unique offer that no other customers can access.

But where do these discounts come from, and how can YOU take advantage of them? Let’s find out!

What is the target employee discount?

Target is an excellent employer, and its employee benefits demonstrate why. They provide access to an entire banking institution through their credit union membership.

Also, they assist employees in saving for retirement through their TGT 401(k) plan with matching contributions of up to 5% of eligible earnings and offer a significant discount on merchandise.

Employees can enjoy a 10% discount on all items, plus an additional 20% on wellness items specifically within Target stores. This generous employee discount makes shopping at Target even more enticing for members of its team.

Can friends use Target employee discounts?

No, Target, unfortunately, restricts the usage of its employee discount to employees and their spouses only. There are many other ways for friends to benefit from a shopping trip.

Friends can help an employee spot the best deals; sometimes, combining two discounts or offers may lead to even greater savings.

Do Target employees get a discount at Starbucks?

Working for Target has perks, including a 10% discount on all Target products. The benefits don’t just stop there; Target employees also receive a 10% discount when shopping at in-store Starbucks locations. 

This lets them get their favorite beverages even cheaper since they can stack this employee discount with other deals like Starbucks Rewards.

Target Employees
Target Employees

Perks that Target Employees Receive

Employee benefits that Target provides their employees:


Staying physically healthy is easy when you access comprehensive health benefits and programs.

Employees of Target are fortunate to receive such resources to help them remain in good physical condition, including medical, vision, dental, and beyond.

Mental health

Target understands that Mental Health is extremely important. Their goal is to ensure their team members have the resources and support needed for an overall healthy well-being.

That’s why they invest in and prioritize mental health and offer a wide range of options to meet team members’ needs.

All Target workers and their households receive access to trained clinicians 24/7 with complete confidentiality.

Education assistance

Target believes that quality education is essential for a successful career. Therefore, the team is dedicated to providing extensive assistance with education costs to make learning more accessible to employees.

In partnership with Guild, their Dream to Be program provides debt-free educational options from 250 business-aligned programs at 40+ schools to support you throughout your lifelong learning journey. 

Time off

Target understands that every individual is unique and therefore has particular time-off needs. They help employees to take time off needed to rejuvenate themselves and strengthen connections with their families.

Their time-off plan provides eligible team members with company-paid national holidays and accrued vacation. 

Does Target employee discount work on everything?

Target team members receive a generous discount when shopping. Team members can use the discount on eligible purchases, but it cannot be used with certain types of items, such as shipping charges. 

Furthermore, any discounts or promotional Target gift cards used in the transaction will reduce the value of the applied discount. Team members should note that the discount cannot be combined with all promo codes, but it may offer additional savings when combined with some codes.

Items not included in Target discount

While many items at your place of work may be eligible for a discount, there are some exceptions that customers should be aware of.

Alcoholic beverages, gift-wrapping services, and hunting or fishing licenses cannot be purchased using the employee discount. 

The same goes for Target+ items, gift cards, and merchandise being sold or exchanged for profit. Ask your manager if you have any questions about what qualifies for the discount.

My experience with employee discounts…

As a previous retail worker myself. Here are a couple of things that are important to consider:

  • An employee discount can make the entire job. If you’re an avid shopper or customer, then an employee discount is going to save you a lot of money. Make sure to take it into consideration when you’re choosing a job for yourself.
  • Ask your manager about the latest benefits. Sometimes, these percentages change and it’s best to know what the real discount is.

Common questions

Questions and answers about working at Target:

Does a Target employee discount only work with cash?

Eligible payment methods include:
– Target Debit Card
– Target Mastercard
– Target Credit Card
– Target GiftCard
– Target Paycard (selecting credit at checkout) and co-branded prepaid cards (Visa/American Express/Mastercard). 

Therefore, there are other options than receiving the discount with standard cash payments. It is also crucial to note that these discounts cannot be combined with other coupons or offers from Target.

How do I get Target employee discounts online?

Employees must use their identification badges at checkout or enter their employee numbers online to access exclusive deals. This straightforward yet effective method guarantees that the discounts are only utilized by those entitled.

Ensuring staff access to the applicable discounts helps employers show appreciation for the time and effort they invest in making the business successful.

Does Target pay for college?

Target gives team members several remarkable benefits, including debt-free educational assistance. All U.S.-based part-time and full-time Target employees are eligible for select undergraduate degrees, professional certifications, boot camps, and more. Students can pursue their academic goals without stressing over hefty tuition fees or student loans. 

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