Stellar Savings At Bath And Body Works

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As the holidays approach, the deals begin to come out of the woodwork to persuade buyers to hit the stores and fill up their bags. A favorite hot spot for my daughter and I is our beloved Bath & Body Works. Personally, the two of us love their variety of body sprays, candles, hand soaps, and plug-ins, and we look forward to great sales events to stock up. Because we are what you might call “frequent flyers” we are blessed to receive multiple coupons in the mail and through email. This year, as we began our holiday shopping, we dug out every coupon we had to creatively find the best deals possible at our favorite store.

As we hit our local Bath & Body Works the deal was to purchase three of their signature products and then you would get three free. This was fabulous news to us, so we whipped out our coupons to see what deals we could make. Our biggest coupon was to save $10 off of a $30 purchase. Our goal became to find three signature products that added up as closely to the $30 as possible, and we did it! We located three body washes that were $11 each, which came to a total of $33. We then went and got three more of the washes free to get with our coupon. We walked out with a total of six body washes for less than $25! We then put the lotions in sets of two, and for less than $8.50 per set we had three Christmas gifts! Just can’t beat that kind of a deal!

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