Shopping With Coupons – And The Store Owes You In The End!

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There is just something fun about getting paid to shop, or better yet, when the store actually pays you to take something home with you.

I found this out for myself during my latest shopping excursion at our local grocery store. I headed in with my list in one hand and my crazy coupon organizer in the other. I slowly perused each aisle, double-checking my savings every step of the way. That is when the sale on Dawn dishwashing soap caught my eye.

Before I had gone into the store, I had meticulously thumbed through every coupon I had to ensure that I was getting the best deals possible. I had even gone online to the store’s flyer to be certain I wasn’t missing a thing. It was when I was thumbing through that I recalled seeing a coupon for that Dawn dishwashing soap that now called me from across the aisle. I hadn’t pulled the coupon because it wasn’t’ listed on sale. However, here it was, calling me! The soap was now on sale for a mere 97 cents, and a quick jog through my coupon book gave light to several coupons for 50 cents off one bottle of Dawn.

Now, this particular store doubles your coupons every day. This meant that the 50-cent off coupon was now $1.00 off, and the bottles of Dawn were 97 cents each. That meant that they were literally paying me
3-cents each to take them home! Needless to say, I felt like one of those crazy coupon people you see on TV. I had eight coupons, and you know I loaded up eight bottles of that soap! Who passes that kind of deal up?!

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