Saving panned: Why traditional coupons can’t trump online version

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Not long ago, coupons came to us via the mail or perhaps in the form of a door hanger or some other means of marketing and promotion that promised to save us money one way or another.

That, for the most part, was the only means that a consumer could bask in the glow of money saved, sitting at the kitchen or dining room table, scissors in tow, cutting corners literally as they went from one circular in the Sunday paper to another in the hopes of putting a little extra cash in their pocket.

The emergence of online coupons, or as it is affectionately known now as “couponing,” has benefited customers two fold: the same money savings options are there, only with a simple click of the print button but also the arrival of web sites that use online coupon codes that work in conjunction with and have relationships with retailers that allow you to score even more savings from one purchase to the next.

That advantage is one that customers find far too appealing to ignore and certainly beats the traditional form of the coupon or, if nothing else, works as the perfect compliment to that way of shopping. Some retailers have sales specifically designed for someone who might have a credit card with the store, and they’ll be apt to send you coupons in the mail for that reason alone. The influx of online coupon sites, such as, and take those savings and merely add to the winnings.

If you can’t use both, the online coupon sites mentioned above typically trump most of what you can get with the paper version. Coupons for various retailers range from 10% all the way up to 70% off, and let’s not forget as well just how convenient online shopping is when you add online coupon promo code sites to the equation.

Not only do you have the ability to browse these sites, find the retailers and subsequent coupons you want, but it’s as simple as clicking and revealing a list of discounts that work for you, often with several to pick from, whether the retailer is offering free shipping or a discount of $25 off purchase of $100.

No matter how you slice it, coupons of this ilk are too hard to pass up., for instance, partners with thousands of retailers who dish the goods on a variety of products and services so customers are more inclined to buy and you can view any number of deals, rather than just having, for instance, a $5 off coupon that hardly is enough to whet your appetite to save money and thus shop. conveniently allows you to simply search a retailer and an entire page of coupons populates. A simple click on the one you like best, and you’re transported to a world of saving money you never thought possible and certainly wouldn’t get to this level with hard copy coupons, scissors and the best intentions in the world.

Those old fashioned coupons still have their place, but you’d be hard pressed to pass on the online coupons and promo sites that serve you much better for what you’re looking to save.

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