Romano’s Macaroni Grill and Restaurant Gift cards

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Macaroni Grill is giving out their gift cards right now.  I just got one recently when I signed up to receive their updates on their website.  Of course, I signed up with my email address and my husband’s email address so we could get two cards.  It’s easy, just go to their official website and at the bottom of their site is the sign-up.  Not only will you get a free $5 dollar gift card off an order of $10 or more, but you will get their last minute dining deals.  The last update I got via email was a “today only” incentive and that was $10 off an online order of $20 or more for dinner.  Pretty nice, eh?  Order dinner before you leave the office and pick it up on the way home put it on pretty dishes and voila!!!  Dinner is served.  You’ll look like a gourmet cook and a budget wizard as well.

The other option is the lunch rush.  I like to leave a tad early for lunch so I hit the restaurant before the waitresses are flustered and unfriendly.  I was thinking that if I used my $5 off a $10 purchase that would make my lunch about $6 plus a $2 tip.  Not bad for a great lunch, bread and a mental trip back to my grandfather’s house.  Leave a comment on how you saved with your gift card from Romano’s Macaroni Grill.

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