How I Got Started Couponing

Feeding a large family on a very small budget can truly be quite the challenge. For me personally, it’s become more like an artist’s masterpiece that has to be meticulously crafted and developed over time. Our move to Texas brought our family of six to a stand still in our finances and desperate times called for desperate measures. I reached out to the coupon world in hopes to find the secret to savings in order to keep my growing teenagers what we call “fat and happy”. Little did I know that there was a big wide world of crazy couponers out there actively aware and searching the seas of stores for the best buys in town!

I starting clipping a few coupons here and there, and decided to hit a triple coupon sale at our local grocery store early one Saturday morning. To my surprise, the store was packed with people pushing full carts and loaded with what looked like a baseball card binder stocked with a plethora of coupons. From the outside in, it looked a wee-bit mad to me. I finally decided I was going to going to find out what all the fuss was about, and indeed it was the beginning of my own coupon craze!

I began to collect newspapers every Sunday on the way home from church. I would clip away and begin to devise my evil plot to get to the deals before the next crazy couponer! Before I knew it, I had a huge stockpile built in the pantry and had jumped whole-heartedly into the craziness! Grocery stops that used to cost me well over $300 would now cost about $150. Although I never bought the baseball card binder, I became well versed in how to save and how to feed our big family on our little budget. Becoming a crazy couponer was and is still today one of the best decisions I have made in caring for my family.