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McDonald’s Menu Prices

McDonald’s Menu Prices

What are the most recent McDonald’s menu prices? I’m a huge fan of McDonald’s. I know, I know! They might not have the healthiest of options. But I have to admit that when I’m “on the go” or need to get something consistent on a road trip, McDonald’s is the first place that I’m going to be looking. Oh, and also – McDonald’s offers convenient food that won’t break your wallet!

What I think about the McDonald’s menu prices…

Here’s what I think… You can’t beat it! If you’re in a rush or want to save a few dollars, McDonald’s is your best bet. I would say Chipotle might be another great option, although it’s getting more expensive as of late.

McDonald’s is also great because hey are consistent. You know you are going to get quality service and the right meal option for you every time that you visit. You just can’t beat that!

Breakfast Menu Prices at McDonald’s

I mean, this is what people really want to know! The breakfast items at McDonald’s are not only delicious, but they are also affordable. Ranging from $1.99 to $5. McDonald’s opens for breakfast around 5:00 AM. They serve their fan-favorite meal items until around 11:00 AM. And that’s when they switch to their lunch options.

Here are the McDonald’s recent menu prices for those located in the United States and North America:

  • Egg McMuffin –  $4.39
  • Sausage Burrito – $2.09
  • Hotcakes and Sausage – $4.29
  • Fruit & Maple Oatmeal – $1.99
  • Sausage McGriddles – $3.09
  • Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles – $3.79
  • Sausage McGriddles Meal  – $3.79
  • Sausage Biscuit with Egg Meal  – $4.19
  • Sausage Gravy Biscuit  – $4.49
  • Crispy Chicken McGriddle  – $3.50

The McDonald’s Lunch Menu with Prices

Have you ever driven by McDonald’s around lunchtime? You can see that the lines are around the corner in the drive-thru. Plenty of Americans get their lunch meals at their local McDonald’s. Here are the prices you can expect to see around lunchtime:

  • Big Mac Meal –  $9.19
  • 20 Piece McNuggets – $6.19
  • Medium French Fries – $3.99
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal – $7.79
  • 10 Piece McNuggets Meal – $9.09
  • The Cactus Plant Flea Market 10 Piece Chicken McNuggets Box – $11.59
  • McRib Meal – $9.59
  • Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal – $7.99
  • Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal – $8.79
  • The Cactus Plant Flea Market Big Mac Box – $11.59
  • The Cactus Plant Flea Market 10 Piece Chicken McNuggets Box – $11.59
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich – $4.99
  • 40 McNuggets – $10.89
  • Filet O Fish Meal – $8.49
  • Hot And Spicy McChicken Meal – $5.29
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal – $7.79
  • Spicy Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich Meal – $8.99
  • Big Mac Meal – $9.19
  • 2 Cheeseburger Meal – $8.59
McDonald's Menu — Breakfast, Lunch, and McCafe
McDonald’s Menu — Breakfast, Lunch, and McCafe

Pricing for Mcdonald’s Beverage Items

I mean, seriously, are we not going to order a delicious Coke or Sprite with our meal? We’re definitely going to. It’s best to know the menu prices before you show up. Especially if you’re looking to save money! Here are the latest prices:

  • Coca-Cola –  $2.49
  • Sprite –  $2.49
  • Dr. Pepper – $2.49
  • Fanta Orange –  $2.49
  • Diet Coke –  $2.49
  • Hi-C Orange –  $2.49
  • Sweet Tea  – $1.79
  • Unsweetened Iced Tea –  $1.79
  • Medium Hot Tea  – $1.79
  • Minute Maid Premium Orange Juice – $3.19
  • Honest Kids Appley Ever After Organic Juice Drink  – $1.99
  • 1% Low Fat Milk Jug  – $1.99
  • Reduced Sugar* Low Fat Chocolate Milk Jug  – $1.99
  • DASANI Water – $2.45

The McDonald’s Combo Meal Prices

The meal-combo option at McDonald’s is a great way to save money. In fact, whenever I bring myself or kids to McDonald’s, I’m always telling them to look at the combo meal options! Here are the most recent prices:

  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese – $4.49
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal – $7.99
  • Big Mac (Sandwich only) – $4.29
  • Big Mac meal – $7.99
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese (Bacon sandwich) – $5.99
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese Bacon meal – $8.99
  • Quarter Pounder Deluxe meal – $8.59
  • 10 p.c Chicken McNuggets only – $4.59
  • 10 p.c Chicken McNuggets meal – $8.29
  • Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese (sandwich only) – $5.99
  • Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal – $9.59
  • Filet-O-Fish (sandwich only) – $3.99
  • Filet-O-Fish meal – $7.49

The McCafe Menu Prices

Maybe you’re not a Starbucks fan! A lot of people say that the McCafe menu has better coffee options than Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks. If you’re looking for that premium coffee roast without having to break open your wallet too far, try out some of these. Here are the menu options for you:

  • Smoothie – $3.89
  • Premium Roast Coffee –  $1.00
  • Cinnamon Roll – $2.99
  • Iced Coffee – $2.00
  • Frappe –  $3.99
  • Apple Fritter – $2.79

Looking at the McDonald’s $1, $2, $3 Menu Prices

Mcdonald’s has a dollar menu! You may have already known this. But it’s really a $1, $2, and $3 Dollar Menu. Here are the prices you can expect:

  • Hash Browns – $1.89
  • McDouble $2.19 McChicken – $1.79
  • Chicken McNuggets – $2.79
  • Sausage Biscuit –  $1.49
  • Sausage McMuffin – $1.39
  • Sausage McGriddles – $2.99
  • World Famous Fries Small – $1.79
  • Any Size Soft Drinks – $1.79

The McDonald’s Happy Meal Prices

Who doesn’t like a happy meal? Seriously! Here are the McDonald’s Happy Meal prices:

  • Hamburger Happy Meal – $3.694
  • 4 Piece Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal – $3.99
  • 6 Piece Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal – $4.49

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Common questions from McDonald’s visitors.

What are the most Caffeinated McCafé Drinks?

Want something to pick you up quickly? Well, the McDonald’s McCafé Iced Mocha might be the best for you. It packs the most caffeine bang for your buck, with 167 milligrams in just 16 ounces, enough to get you up and running!

Are there any menu items for specialty diets?

NO. McDonald’s does not offer tailored menu items for special diets. So if you’re going through the drive-thru, you might not want to ask! However, it does provide nutritional information for all its products to customers who request them. And this could help you in the future!

What are the most popular menu items at McDonald’s?

The most popular menu items at McDonald’s are the Big Mac, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Chicken McNuggets, Filet-O-Fish, and French Fries.

Are the fries at McDonald’s made with real potatoes?

Yes! The McDonald’s fries are made with real potatoes. They are sliced and then cooked to a golden crisp.

Can I order from McDonald’s online?

Yes. Shockingly! McDonald’s offers its customers the option of ordering online via their website,, or through the My McDonald App.

Are the 2-for-5 breakfast sandwiches still available at McDonald’s?

NO. The 2-for-5 breakfast sandwiches deal is no longer available at McDonald’s. However, the fast food chain offers other deals that you might be interested in. Make sure to visit a local location to see what their current offers are.

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