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Lowe’s Free Gardening Kit

Lowe’s Free Gardening Kit

If you’re thinking of painting your thumb green, you better look out for Lowe’s gardening Springfest event.

Lowe’s holds a Springfest event during April, where thousands of free gardening kits are given to the people. These kits are released weekly; each kit with other gardening-related surprises.

The home improvement chain started the initiative of giving away these project kits. This aims to increase green spaces inside people’s homes and make indoor gardening a hobby.

Lowe’s and other home improvement companies also offered reduced prices on most gardening tools. This is set a month before the opening of the seasonal Springfest event.

What I’m Expecting With the Free Gardening Kit for 2023

I’m expecting that we will see a return of the free gardening kit. I asked my local Lowe’s representatives about it. And they knew it was very popular in both 2021 and 2022…

They do expect it to come back!

Why Is Lowe’s Giving Away Free Gardening Kits?

This is beneficial for people to take off their minds on things, especially during the pandemic, as some places still hold restrictions on public spaces.

In a recent study made by Lowe’s during the pandemic, they found that 85% of people treat their homes as their safe spaces.

70% of the same people said that they have no plans on leaving during spring break. That’s why it’s an excellent opportunity to spark an interest in an activity they can do at home.

Most public places are still restricted because of the C-19 pandemic. Handing out free gardening kits helps people cope with the stressful days caused by the pandemic.

These initiatives also encourage them to be environmentally aware and participate in promoting environmental projects.

What’s Inside the Complimentary Kits?

The gardening kits always come with unexpected and interactive materials that’ll surely push you into gardening.

Each Lowe’s gardening kit showcases the company’s inventiveness. This is an attempt to catch people’s attention, and it’s working.

People are networking these kits throughout different social media platforms.

Lowe’s has also signed up a partnership with different companies and personalities. These partnerships aim to sponsor and promote this seasonal event, mainly Miracle-Gro and CAMP.

What's inside the kit from Lowe's!
What’s inside the kit from Lowe’s!

1. Miracle-Gro Sponsorship: Garden-to-go Kit

Lowe’s has partnered with Miracle-Gro in giving away the first week’s free gardening kit.

The kit aims to capture people’s interest in taking extra steps for their plants while promoting the Miracle-Gro brand. The sponsored gardening-to-go Kit includes the following:

  • Exclusive recipes from professional cook Amanda Frederickson
  • Globes
  • Miracle-Gro All Purpose Water Soluble Plant Food (8 oz)
  • Miracle-Gro Potting Mix (8 qt)
  • Bonnie Foodie Fresh Plant

2. Lowe’s Mystery Garden Piñata by CAMP

In the second week of the Springfest event, Lowe’s is giving away mystery kits in the form of star-shaped piñatas.

You would expect to treat this kit just like any other piñatas.

The instructions for the kit will tell you to place them over grass or soil. Then, you have to break them open just like a piñata to release the seed bombs.

The seed bombs are compressed ball-shaped seed and biodegradable confetti mixtures that quickly break down when introduced to water. The combination serves as a fertilizer, which boosts the plant’s growth.

Though the seed packets are easy to grow, ensure your garden bed is ready before opening them. This lessens the hassle of fixating your seeds.

Such a fun giveaway and cool thing for Lowe's to do!
Such a fun giveaway and cool thing for Lowe’s to do!

3. Tree Saplings: Garden-to-go Kits

In commemoration of Earth Day, Lowe’s prepared 500,000 tree seedlings packaged in their garden-to-go kits.

This kit is available during the second half of April, but registration for the event opens a week before the project kits’ release date.

The type of seedlings that are in the kit varies depending on the region you’re in. This ensures that the region’s climate is appropriate for the growing sapling. Otherwise, the equipment will be wasted.

Having these garden-to-go kits is an excellent way of starting your garden, so make sure to get a hold of these free kits.

4. Lowe’s by Camp Butterfly Quest

The final kit will bring out the creativity inside you. This is given during the last week of April, but pre-registration starts in mid-April.

The family experience store, CAMP, sponsored this final kit for Lowe’s Springfest event. During Springfest’s last week, they also offer seasonal discounts on some gardening items.

This complimentary kit will assist you in constructing a butterfly garden and inspire you to continue improving your house garden. The kit includes the following:

  • Milkweed seeds
  • A paintbrush
  • Paint
  • Wooden pieces
  • Manual on how to make a butterfly garden
Plant up your little mini's!
Plant up your little mini’s!

How do I get one?

The complimentary kits can only be obtained through advance online registration, which usually begins a week before the Springfest event in April.

Just head on to the official website of Lowe’s and navigate through free gardening kit registration to reserve yours.

You’ll be notified about the claiming details if you can secure a slot during their registration period.

Lowe’s will be handing the gardening kits on the curbside starting in the first week of April. The last gardening package will be given at the end of the month, which marks the end of the seasonal Springfest event.

Different store branches may have other mechanics for claiming your gardening kits. You better check your local store first to ensure you aren’t missing any steps in claiming your kits.

There’s only a limited number of complimentary kits given each weekly session. Registering as early as possible is best since the registration is always full just minutes after the event commences.

Key takeaways

Treating gardening as a habit goes a long way in helping the environment. It is important that people learn to generate green spaces in the very comfort of their homes.

Lowe’s project of handing out free gardening kits encourages people to try out gardening. With these programs, more and more companies are also showcasing their own initiative for our environment.

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