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How To Get Free Shipping at Target

How To Get Free Shipping at Target

How do I get free shipping at Target? Target is a general merchandise retailer spread across all 50 states in America. 75% of the population has a Target store within 10 miles of their homes! So everyone knows that’s where you go! If you want a free delivery from Target there are several ways of going about it. Here are the best tips and tricks to save money the next time you shop at Target!

Getting Free Delivery From Target

There are two main ways to get free shipping from Target if you are located in any of the 50 states of the USA. These include:

  • If you have a RedCard, pay for your order using it. You automatically qualify for free shipping on most products if you cross a minimum purchase threshold.
  • In states other than Alaska and Hawaii, purchases of $35 and more are eligible for free delivery. But the $35 does not include taxes or promos.
  • You can also pick up your shopping from Target for free. For this, you have to let Target Associates shop for your items and pack them.
  • You can use your Shipt membership as Target Corporation owns Shipt. This makes you eligible for free shipping at Target.
  • You can also use specific promo codes for free delivery.

But you still have to pay extra charges if you want same-day delivery.

What Is The Target RedCard?

The RedCard is a card for the loyalty reward program at Target. It helps you save more with offers both online and in-store. It consists of 3 types of cards which you have to apply for.

These are:

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Reloadable Account

The Reloadable Card also acts as a regular card for transactions, as you can spend the money added to the card at other locations which accept Visa debit cards.

Ready to save!
Ready to save!

What Benefits Do I Get From The Target RedCard?

Besides free delivery, there are many benefits to having the RedCard:

  • 5% off on products
  • No annual charges
  • Free 2-day shipping
  • Exclusive offers on special items
  • Longer return time beyond 30 days
  • Earning on select purchases
  • Cash withdrawal at checkout

How Do I Get Free Shipping Using Target RedCard?

First, you must apply for a Credit Card, Debit Card, or “Reloadable Account” under the RedCard program at Target. If you qualify for the program then you will receive your RedCard.

You can now connect the RedCard to your Target account. When you proceed to checkout at the store or online, you can now use the RedCard for payments.

If you do use the RedCard for most items you will be eligible to get free delivery. Sometimes, you may have to purchase items worth a minimum threshold amount, and same-day deliveries are chargeable.

Free delivery for using any RedCards applies to all 50 states, including the Army Post Offices and the Fleet Post Offices. So get a RedCard and make two-day deliveries free for yourself.

What Purchase Threshold Qualifies Me For Free Delivery at Target?

Several items at Target come with free shipping all year round. At times of the year, like the holidays or Black Friday, shipping might be free as a special off.

But the easiest and most consistent way to ensure free two-day delivery is to make purchases of $35 or more. Here too, you have to pay for shipping for same-day delivery.

There are some exceptions, like large and bulky products, for which shipping will be charged. The threshold amount does not include the taxes on the products and discounts on items that are paid with promo codes.

How Do I Use Target Promo Code To Get Free Delivery?

While it is not common to get promo codes that offer free shipping at Target, they do appear from time to time. When you get your hands on them, it is very easy to redeem them.

First, you have to make your purchases online. Then you have to proceed to the checkout after finalizing your cart.

Finally, proceed to the discounts section and add your promo code. You should see the deductions of delivery charges reflected in your bill.

At this point, go to the payment page and complete the transaction. And now you should be able to enjoy free shipping for your order.

How Do I Get Free Shipping From Target Using Shipt?

Shipt is a paid service costing you $99 per year. But it allows you to get free same-day delivery from Target.

If you sign up for a free limited-time trial of Shipt, you can get free same-day delivery from Target for no additional charges at all. So be on the lookout for these trials.

Common questions

Questions from Target shoppers about free shipping:

Can I get free same-day delivery from Target?

You can get free same-day delivery from Target if you have a Shipt Membership.

How Much Does Target Charge For Shipping For Orders Under $35?

For orders below $35, the shipping costs $4.99 at Target.

How Much Does Target Charge For Picking Up an Order From The Store?

Pick up from the store or delivery to your car at Target is free.

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