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How to Get Free Chipotle

How to Get Free Chipotle

If you are wondering how to get free Chipotle, you are at the right place.

However, first things first. The Chipotle mobile app allows you to order real and mouth-watering food for delivery or pickup. You can automatically bank points for your in-app orders if you are a member. You may install the app on your mobile phone from Google Play Store and start enjoying the various benefits, such as redeeming your points on food.

Now… time to share some of the easy hacks and tricks to enjoy complimentary burritos, salads, tacos, and burrito bowls, among others.

My experience trying these free chipotle hacks…

Look, I’m a big fan of Chipotle! In fact, I’ve been a long-time customer since at least 2012. Here’s the thing, the prices are going up!

I used to pay $12 for a burrito, and now a single meal can be just shy of $20! So we all need a few hacks to help us get something out of our common spend at Chipotle…

I’ve tried a few of these, and they do work!

Complimentary Chipotle Coupons

In this section, we will cover a few clever methods to get free Chipotle coupons, which will help you to enjoy a highly discounted meal.

1. Text Message Alerts

You may sign-up for free text alerts from Chipotle to get some exclusive coupons and deals. These coupons often comprise a BOGO coupon to earn a complimentary entrée when you purchase one.

2. Play The Fun Game of “Love Story”

Are you interested in getting Chipotle’s free burrito coupons? You may earn so by playing a fun game known as “Love Story.”

Once you finish playing the game, you will find a prompt to fill up a form. It will help you to get one free coupon by purchasing one entrée.

Chipotle Burrito! Yum yum!
Chipotle Burrito! Yum yum!

Free Burritos from Chipotle

Are you keen to know how to get free Chipotle burritos? After all, there is hardly anyone who does not love cheap or complimentary burritos. Check out these tips and tricks to make it a reality.

1. Teacher Appreciation Day

You will be glad to know that all teachers got free Chipotle on May 8, 2019, from 3pm to close.

2. Exciting Boorito Offer on Halloween

Chipotle has now made it a practice to reward all people who wear costumes and step into any of their stores on October 31 every year.

It means you have just to show off your costume to get a burrito bowl, burrito, salad, or tacos for just $3.

3. Chipotle Rewards

They also invite you to join their rewards program without paying anything to receive free guac and chips after your first purchase if you are a member.

Then, you will earn ten points for each dollar you spend and receive a complimentary entrée once you have accumulated 1,250 points.

4. Gift Card Offer

On several occasions, usually around graduation and the Christmas season, you may earn a complimentary bowl, tacos, salad, or burrito while purchasing a $30 or $25 card. And bam… you enjoy the chance to get a free burrito through this attractive deal.

Attractive Offers for 2023

Chipotle aims to present some attractive offers, i.e., 10 big complimentary food drops, to the Rewards Members in 2023. You will be glad to know that they have already commenced the first one, which will last till January 15, 2021, including free guac. It also includes free drinks, chips, and Queso Blanco.

The initiative targets the company’s rewards members, who will enjoy access to its free food offerings by creating a rewards account until March 6. Additionally, between Jan 9 and Jan 15, patrons can also relish a topping of guac and free side with their orders.

What happens if you are not a member yet? In case you become a member after Jan 15 this year, you may still receive some complimentary guac provided you join their rewards program latest by March 6.

There is some more exciting news. If a Rewards member spends only $5 in the store, through the app, or online by January 15, they can participate in a contest to earn complimentary Chipotle for one full year. People can participate in this thrilling contest daily until Jan 15 this year.

Freepotle from Chipotle

The Mexican Grill revealed on Monday, January 6, 2023 that it is introducing a new rewards perk called “Freepotle”. The perk offers up to ten complimentary food drops to its members throughout the year.

Even non members can get access to the perk by participating in the Chipotle Rewards Program latest by March 6 this year. The 10 complimentary food drops all through the year will comprise attractive rewards.

These are as follows:

  • Free guac
  • Free beverages
  • Free Queso Blanco
  • Double protein
  • Free chips

Along with complimentary food drops, the company’s more than thirty million Rewards members will be earning 10 points for each I USD spent in the app, online, or restaurant.

In addition to free food drops, Chipotle’s more than 30 million Rewards members can earn 10 points for every $1 spent in the restaurant, online, or in the app.


Questions (and answers!) from you!

How to get free Chipotle points?

You need to first visit the Chipotle site for the rewards. Next, order any item from Chipotle. Remember, you will receive 10 points for every 1 USD spent on each order. If you wish to receive the FREE Chipotle rewards, you must accumulate at least 1250 points.

How to receive a free burrito from Chipotle?

Purchase gift cards at certain times of the year, such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or around graduation. You can earn $30 gift cards during these times. With every $30 gift card, it is possible to receive a free burrito.

Can you enjoy free Chipotle on your birthday?

To enjoy a complimentary birthday treat/burrito, you need to become a Chipotle reward program. The treat includes free guac and chips for every $5 purchase.

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