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How to Ask Amazon for a Price Adjustment

How to Ask Amazon for a Price Adjustment

I love saving money! I love Amazon! So I took some time to figure out if I could get a price adjustment through the Amazon customer support line and chat!

Here’s what I found!

Does Amazon offer price adjustments or not?

Being one of the biggest retailers in the world, Amazon guarantees to offer the lowest prices in the market. As a result, they technically do not offer price adjustments or price matches.

However, there have been instances of customers being eligible for a price adjustment refund. You just have to be sharp enough to spot a price drop and reach out to them!

Here are a few tips and tricks to successfully obtain a price adjustment refund.

Price adjustments for pre-orders

Currently, Amazon’s official price adjustment scheme covers purchases made during the pre-order period. The Pre-Order Price Guarantee is Amazon’s price-protection policy that assures buyers they will get the lowest price possible until the release date of the product (physical or digital).

This is irrelevant to how many times the price may drop and considers the price until the end of the release day. If the product is shipped before the release date and the price drops further later, Amazon will refund the difference.

Price adjustments after purchasing

To get a price match, ideally, you need to reach out to Amazon customer support within 7 days from the date of your product delivery. If you’re one of Amazon’s loyal buyers, your request is more likely to be approved.

Watch out for price drops of the product you purchased on the site or make sure you have a reputed competitor’s listing to offer as proof of the lower price. 

Initiating a price adjustment request on Amazon

  1. Lower Price feature: You can request a price match by making use of the “Tell us about a lower price” feature. You will find it tucked away under Your Orders page. By clicking on Order Details, you can find the option and fill out a form with details of the listing and lower price, and submit it to Amazon for review. If approved, you will be refunded in a few days.
  2. Live chat: The fastest way to get your price match reimbursement is by contacting a customer support rep via chat. You can directly write to them explaining the price match. Be sure to ask them nicely, and you will get the price adjustment fairly quickly.
  3. Returns and Refunds:  Another way is to write an e-mail from the Returns & Refunds section of the Order Summary page. Choose to register “another refund issue” and enter the subject as “partial refund, price change.” Then courteously write a message with proof of the price match.

Tips and tricks to master Amazon’s price adjustment 

An important part of getting your Amazon items price matched is to watch out for price-dropped products daily. These hacks will help you save big easily.

  • Doorbuster deals: Make it a habit to check today’s deals and lightning deals. It is a surefire way to find out what products are being sold at slashed prices. 
  • Search bar hack: Amazon search often displays algorithm-favored products on top. Use filters to search for products or look through related products for more suggestions. 
  • Category discounts: A quick way to search for discounts in a particular category is to enter this string of characters in the search bar: “&pct-off=50”. This will locate products that have a 50% discount, for example. Simply change the number to what you want. 
  • Incognito mode: Prime members often complain about Amazon selling products to them at hiked prices to make up for the quick delivery option. Open an incognito window in your browser, search and add the product to your cart, then sign in to your account. This will help you get the original price. 
  • Opt for a full refund: On the off-chance that you cannot get a price match, double-check if you can return the product during the return period and get a full refund. You can buy it again at a lower price. 

Amazon price trackers to help you win price adjustment

There are numerous price-tracking tools in the form of apps and browser extensions that regularly scan big retailers for price drops. They allow you to set up notifications for products or categories to snatch great deals quickly.

  • Camel: This extension is one of the oldest Amazon price trackers and is freely available with an easy-to-use interface that sets up price watches with notifications.
  • Earny: Popular for its guaranteed cashback policy for late deliveries, Earny sets up price drop alerts and has premium services that automatically initiate refund requests for a host of retailers.
  • Keepa: Price watches and matches have never been easier with Keepa, where you can track international prices on Amazon, get an overview of recent price drops, and more.

My experience with all of this…

My preference is to use tools like Camel/Earny and other money-saving tools… The reason I like those is that… Well, it can be hard to get on the phone with an Amazon representative.

I have successful received a price match refund… Although, my assumption is that Amazon is going to get more strict about how and when you can do this. I think shoppers should be aware of that!

Common questions 

Common questions (and answers) to get your Amazon price adjusted!

Does Amazon have a 30-day price guarantee?

Amazon has discontinued its policy that protects users from price drops for 30 days. Much like its competitors, this scheme currently applies to pre-orders only. 

What items do not qualify for Amazon’s price adjustment? 

Since price adjustment is employed based on Amazon’s discretion, it is hard to know which items fall or do not fall under the scheme. Generally, you can try your luck with any product you have purchased on the site. 

Can I get a price match refund if I buy from a third-party seller on Amazon? 

Amazon is more likely to offer price match refunds on products they sell. But politely asking a customer support rep via chat or a phone call ought to get you the price match refund for items from third-party sellers. 

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