Home Furnacing: Are you Burning Through Money Trying To Redecorate?

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I recently moved into a new home that was, for lack of a better term, outdated. The good news is that the major players we all look for in a home: windows, roof, heating system and cooling, carpeting all were pristine and in perfect shape.

The house was groomed well with landscaping that wasn’t about to skip a beat, and nothing major needed to be done.

Just a makeover of the home inside, as far as decorating in all facets of the word. I came from an apartment with furniture and a design flare donated and inspired by my parents, and that simply wasn’t going to do in a time like this when I have my own house.

That house should, in essence, reflect my style, too.

But how do I have that penchant for style in my home on a budget? That part isn’t quite as daunting as you’d think, particularly if you know where to cut costs and minimize spending.

As far as furniture, and perhaps aside from food, this product has a markup that would make Donald Trump blush. Furniture is terribly overpriced, and you need to prioritize how you’re buying it and what you’re spending.

For instance, if your furnishing a second bedroom, maybe a cheaper outlet like Ikea and its small, modular furniture would be better, and you can focus your attention on a bedroom mattress that is a little more expensive, but with the understanding that you’ll be sleeping on it, not the spare one, every day.

Furthermore, if you have an adverse reaction to garage stores or buying furniture second hand, then you’re missing out on being able to save hundreds if not thousands. I wouldn’t recommend buying a mattress second hand, but what about things like end tables, coffee tables, and other items of that ilk that can easily be purchased for next to nothing and perhaps stripped and repainted or stained to make them look as though they came directly from a high priced, higher end furniture store.

As for those bare walls, you can line your place with pictures but if you have a flare for fashion, why not let your accessories do the work for you. My girlfriend has her scarves, hats and other stylish accessories hanging on the walls, and it looks great, proving that you don’t need pricey wall art or photos to make your walls pop.

And there’s also nothing that says some of those mom and dad hand me downs aren’t all bad, either, especially if they’re the kind that can be remade or molding into more of what you want.

A new place comes with great financial responsibility, but if you’re pressed for cash, push back and use your creativity and money prowess to put money in your pocket and everything else in your house at the right price.

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