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Home Depot Key Copy Services

Home Depot Key Copy Services

What are the Home Depot key copy services? The largest home-improvement store does provide these services unless they have a ‘do not duplicate’ label on them! Here’s what you need to know before you try to get your key copied at a local Home Depot.

Can I duplicate my home keys at a Home Depot?

Fortunately, you can take advantage of Home Depot’s key duplication services for practically any key design for your home, office, and car. However, they will not duplicate post office box keys as these are under the regulation of the US Postal Service.

Does Home Depot offer key duplication for any key design?

Home Depot does not duplicate keys with a ‘do not duplicate’ notice on the key. They also partner with major key brands like Yale, MiLock, Schlage, Segal, American Lock, LSDA, etc. If your keys do not come from these brands, they will use a suitable blank.

If you want to duplicate a highly intricate old key, Home Depot may not be able to duplicate it. Changing the lock and key system would be better in such cases.

Home Depot key copy services
Home Depot key copy services

How does Home Depot duplicate a key?

If a customer wants to duplicate a key, he will have to take it inside a Home Depot branch that provides key duplication services. Here the technician will carefully inspect the key and determine whether it is possible to duplicate it.

If possible, the technician will use a modern key-cutting machine to produce the key blank as per the original measurement details. The entire process takes only a few minutes, and the customer only pays for the cost of the key blanks.

Does Home Depot make duplicates of office and house door keys?

Yes, Home Depot does make duplicates of regular home and office door keys. Customers have to bring the original key to get a suitable blank, and then the duplication process does not take more than a few minutes.

What is the cost of key blanks at a Home Depot?

Typically, key blanks do not cost more than $1 to $3 at a Home Depot hardware department. The key-cutting machinery and the technician’s service are complementary, and the customer only pays for the key blanks while making key duplicates.

Does Home Depot make duplicates of car keys?

Yes, Home Depot also duplicates car keys. However, it does not duplicate newer car keys that have modern chips or transponders.

Traditional metal car keys which don’t have chips inside them are suitable for duplication if a key blank is available. If you have a modern car key and want to duplicate it, you should consult with a car dealer.

Can Home Depot make special keys for locks and safes?

Typically, Home Depot does not make or duplicate special keys for electronic locks and safes. In this case, it is better to consult with a dealer or manufacturer of special locks and safes to check whether they can duplicate such keys.

Does Home Depot duplicate PO Box keys?

No, Home Depot does not duplicate PO box keys as these are under the US Postal Service regulation. If you want to duplicate your PO box key, you should contact your local post office.

Can Home Depot make new keys defiant locks?

Yes, fortunately. Home Depot can re-key a lock when the original key is nowhere to be found or is too worn out for duplication.

Home Depot can do this in two ways:

  • The customer can buy and modify a new lock to fit the existing key.
  • Depending on the lock’s internal structure, the customer can bring the original lock and get a new key.

How much does it cost to re-key a defiant lock?

Re-keying a lock cylinder typically costs between $45 to $100, depending on the physical condition of the lock and its level of complexity. It is better to consult with the sales desk contractor to know the exact details regarding the re-keying process.

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Common questions

Questions about key copy services at your local Home Depot store.

Does Home Depot have self-service key-cutting kiosks?

Yes, Home Depot does have automated Minute Key kiosks. These self-service machines enable customers to produce a duplicate key in a matter of minutes by pressing a few touch-screen prompts.

How does a Home Depot self-service key kiosk work?

The working process of a Minute Key kiosk is as follows:

– You need to put the original key in the cradle of the machine.
– Then, the machine scans the key and finds out if it is suitable for duplication.-
– If it is not suitable, the machine returns the key.
– If it is suitable, the machine begins the duplication process.
– The machine tackles payment automatically and accepts credit or debit cards on its terminal.

These machines require regular calibration to keep their accuracy intact over a long time.

Does Home Depot use a laser to cut keys?

Yes, the Minute Key kiosks use laser beams to cut keys if a suitable key blank is available. The scanning process also uses a laser system to identify the physical attributes of the original key.

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