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Home Depot Employee Discount

Home Depot Employee Discount

Are you working at Home Depot or planning to apply for a job there?

You might be curious about what discounts and benefits you can enjoy as their associate. Knowing about Home Depot employee discounts and benefits will help you decide whether working at the company is the right choice!

Disclaimer: We do our best to validate information before publishing. Here’s the thing… Businesses change their benefits programs fairly regularly. If you have questions about your benefits, contact a Home Depot HR representative (they can be found at every Home Depot retail location!).

My experience with employee discounts…

First, I know what it’s like to be a retail employee… The benefits are okay, but the pay is something that you want changed (most likely).

Choosing a place of work based on the employee discount can sometimes feel like real cash that’s going into our pockets (especially for core goods!). For example, think of someone at Trader Joe’s getting a discount on groceries (Hint: It’s a stellar deal!). It’s like real cash!

I asked a few Home Depot employees to validate and confirm the following information I found…

Does Home Depot offer a flat employee discount on its merchandise?

Home Depot does not offer a direct store discount on its products. However, they allow associates to use discounts on other products and services through a website called Orange Life.

Currently, two types of discounts are offered to Associates:

  • Associate Discounts– The company offers gym memberships, electronics, cell phones, floral delivery, and movie tickets at a discounted price to its employees.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP)- The ESPP plan allows associates to purchase Home Depot stock at a 15% discount. The plan permits an employee to set aside 1% to 20% or $1 to $4250 of their eligible pay for buying the stock at a discount. The contribution is directly deducted from every paycheck.

The details of the plan are available on the Computershare website. The same website can be used for enrolling into the plan.

Home Depot employees
Home Depot employees

Does Home Depot offer benefits related to Education?

Yes. Home Depot offers several benefits related to education.

  • Tuition Reimbursement- The company will reimburse your college tuition fee and books.
  • Finance Advisors- As an Associate, you have access to financial advisors who will guide you about how to achieve your educational goals. You can also receive concessions in tuition fees through their network of colleges.
  • Assistance for children’s college – You can talk to experts who can help in preparing for your child’s college education. The company also provides scholarships for children. One thousand scholarships are awarded every year.

You can read more about these policies here.

Does the company offer any employee discount on online courses?

Home Depot provides access to the Community Online Academy in collaboration with Perks at Work. This is a free resource where you can watch thousands of online courses for adults as well as kids. Perks at Work also offers access to special apps and tools that help in personal development.

What are some other interesting discounts and benefits offered by Home Depot?

Here are some other benefits offered by the company to its Associates.

  • Retirement Benefits- The company helps the associates in setting up retirement funds, estate planning, drafting their wills, etc. They offer access to financial advisors that help their employees in making investment decisions. Home Depot also offers FutureBuilder 401K to employees.
  • Travel Benefits- The associates are provided roadside assistance at affordable rates. The rates can be as low as a dollar per week. If an employee gets sick while traveling, Teladoc will allow them to consult a doctor at any hour and on any day. Direct discounts on hotel accommodations, amusement park tickets, rental cars, air travel, etc., are also available.
  • Wellness Resources- Home Depot offers apps and resources related to work-life balance, health, and nutrition through its ‘Take Care of You’ initiative. These resources include cookbooks, fitness planning support, guides to building healthy habits, meditation apps, hiking guides, etc.

Common Questions

Common questions from future and prospective employees (with answers!):

Does Home Depot offer any special benefits for Military Associates and Veterans?

The company has drafted special policies for relocated military associates getting ready for deployment or navigating civilian life for the first time. The benefits include assistance for military spouses, help in retirement planning, health benefits, etc.

Are employee discounts available to newly joined associates?

The company has a New Associates Support program to assist their newly hired employees. To use these benefits, you must enroll yourself on the Orange Life website within 30 days of your date of hire.

[email protected] is a program that allows new associates to work with flexible timings according to their preferences.

The company also offers other benefits related to health, marriage, insurance, death, etc. Most of them are available to new associates as well. You can fill up the Orange Life Questionnaire to find out which benefits are available to you.

Are these benefits available to part-time associates?

Every benefit has different eligibility criteria. For example, health benefits are available only to those who work full time i.e., for 40 hours weekly. Some of the other benefits may be available to part-time workers as well.
These are the most important Home Depot employee discounts and benefits available. Apart from these, the company has benefits related to marriage, death of family, cancer, elderly care, and pets as well.

By heading to the Orange Life website, you can find out which benefits are available to you if you are an existing employee.

You can log in using the credential provided to you during onboarding. If you are planning to join the company, you can visit the Careers page on their website. The page will help you learn more about the employee discounts and benefits that they offer.

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