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GameStop Employee Discount

GameStop Employee Discount

Thinking about becoming a GameStop employee? And want to know what the discount is?

I’ve been there… Working retail is sometimes worth it when you get a tremendous discount. For me, it was Starbucks. Getting a great discount as a retail worker felt like I was getting money back!

My experience with employee discounts…

I went into my local GameStop and asked one of the gentlemen behind the counter if they appreciated the company’s employee discount program… I wasn’t shocked to find out that he was quite happy with it. He did say the medium to high hourly wages made it worth it. And the discount was the icing on the cake!

How much of a discount do employees get at Gamestop?

If you are working for Gamestop, you are entitled to a discount when buying any of their products. The discount Gamestop employees get is 10%. Here are some interesting things to know about the discount being offered:

  • The 10% discount is applicable for all games. For used games and used gaming accessories, the discount is 15%.
  • This 10% discount does not apply to new game consoles.
  • You should have worked for a minimum of 1 week as an employee to be eligible for the employee discount. Reportedly during the holiday season, the company can insist on 30 days of employment before offering the discount.
  • The discount is available to all employees, whether they work part-time or full-time.
  • You can use the discount to buy any of the products on sale. However, it cannot be used with other offers. So, if a game or console is being sold under a special offer or is already discounted, you cannot get the employee discount.
  • The discount is only for the employee and is not available for family members or anyone else.
  • This discount is only for current employees. Past employees are not eligible.

What products is the Gamestop employee discount available for?

The employee discount is available on all products sold by Gamestop. The product categories sold by Gamestop for which you can get a discount include:

  1. Video games.
  2. Gaming consoles and hardware.
  3. Gaming accessories (Controllers, cases, stands, chargers, cables, headsets, memory, racing wheels, skins, mounts, and thumb grips).
  4. PC (components, controllers, desktops, games, headsets, keyboards, laptops, mice (for computers and not home pests!), monitors, and networking accessories).
  5. Electronics (Cameras, cell phones, smart watches, smart home, tablets, TV, home theater, audio).
  6. Collectibles (Coins, figures, framed photos, models, replicas, statues).
  7. Toys and games.
  8. Apparel (Men and women’s clothing, bags, kid’s clothing, watches).

Do managers get more discounts than other employees?

Yes, managers can get other offers apart from the 10% discount that all employees get. They get a 5% additional discount on both new games and used ones. So, they get a 15% discount for new games, new accessories, and used consoles. For used games and used gaming accessories, they get a 20% discount.

During the end of the year, when the old stuff is being cleared managers are available for a lot of free stuff. This includes old posters, promotional game copies, and old merchandise not required. Reportedly, there are so many freebies that many managers share with employees.

Are there any seasonal discounts available for employees?

It must be noted that the employee discount policy of Gamestop is not published anywhere. The information is not available to the general public. Employees need to ask their manager about the discounts and other offers available.

Seasonal discounts are offered sometimes. This again varies and is not assured. According to inputs from employees, a 20% discount is offered at specific times of the year for specific products.

Can the employee discount be used for online purchases?

Yes, employees can use their 10% discount while purchasing products online. They need to use this link for the purchase.

Once they provide all their details, they would be given a discount code that they can use.

Common questions

Questions (and answers) about the Gamestop employee discount program.

Are employees of Gamestop allowed to rent games for free?

Yes, Gamestop employees can rent games for free. This is valid for a period of 48 hours and is meant to allow them to ‘check out’ the game to find out if they want to buy it. There are some restrictions on this provision. It is not allowed for new games.

So, if you thought you could rent the latest game for free you are wrong! If a particular game has a limited stock, then the games are not given to employees for free rent.

How can employees get the Gamestop employee discount?

Employees can get the employee discount they are entitled to at the time of purchase. Once you finish your purchase and move to the checkout stage, let the cashier know you are an employee. You need to provide your employee ID. This ID will be used during billing and will help you get the 10% employee discount.

Is it possible for an employee not to get the discount?

Yes, there is a possibility that a store manager may cancel the employee discount. This can happen if the store is not performing well or if there is any change in the policies of the company. However, such a thing (I mean, why would it!?) rarely happens. 

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