Free Birthday Meals – Save And Eat!

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My hubby and I have been married now almost nineteen years. It’s amazing to realize that I have known him almost half of my lifetime. In order to keep our marriage strong, we make it our goal to have a date night at least every two weeks, and at the very least once a month. Now, when the kids were little, we spent many a date nights eating cheap takeout and watching a rented movie because a sitter for four kids would literally take any date money we had to begin with. Now that the kids are a bit older, we can actually go on a date outside the house, but we still pinch our pennies when we do. That’s why I do love the places that bless you with a free meal for your birthday!

A free meal for my birthday or his means that two dates a year are guaranteed to cost us less, and maybe even allow us to spend the savings on a real movie. Recently we joined the email club for one of my hubby’s favorite spots, Red Robin. The month of his birthday arrived and he was awarded a free burger as their gift to him. That’s a date night savings of around $11.00. You didn’t have to use the coupon ON his birthday either, but instead he had the whole month to get the opportunity to go get his birthday burger. That let us decide when we would have our date night without having to actually go on his big day. Needless to say, it was super yummy, and we did indeed splurge our savings to watch a movie in a real theatre after all!

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