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Does Walmart Take Passport Photos

Does Walmart Take Passport Photos

Does Walmart take passport photos? Walmart is a one-stop solution to our needs as it provides almost all everyday services one could ask for. These could include clothing, medicines, grocery, or even photography.

Also, it has good accessibility and is affordable as well. It is spread across 24 countries over the globe, with subsidiaries like Sam’s club, among others.

Does Walmart take passport photos?

Yes. Walmart does take passport-size photos at those stores where it has a Photo Center. It will hardly take ten minutes to get your photos once they are clicked. Except on weekends when it might just take a little longer.

But you should check whether the nearest store to your location has this facility and also keep in mind the timings of your nearest store.

What is the cost of passport-size photos at Walmart?

The passport-size photos can be taken at a very affordable price. It charges a nominal amount of $7.44 USD for two passport-size photos.

However, you can also take a picture and print it at the store for $0.25 USD only.

You can also use the cropping tool and print your photo for less than $0.20 cents.

Taking a passport photo at Walmart
Taking a passport photo at Walmart

How good is the quality of the pictures taken?

The quality of the pictures taken at Walmart is good enough to meet all the requirements prescribed for a biometric photo in the United States of America.

Also, by using the special photo template generator, you can get the right size and background.

Given the strict standards the United States Department of State sets, getting the right passport-size photo is a complex task.

What are the requirements for passport photos in the United States?

The standards of passport photos in the United States are as listed.

  • Your face must be properly focussed and visible in the photo. No expressions are required. One is expected to be neutral. A smile will do good. It shows that you are calm and relaxed.
  • Your hair, clothing, jewelry, or sunglasses should not cover your face.
  • You’re expected to look straight into the camera. Your head must be straight.
  • You can’t wear or reveal any religious clothing or symbols in the photo.
  • And last but not least, the photo must not be more than six months old.

Some tips for getting a good picture

Here are some simple tricks to take a great passport photograph:

  • Stay calm and relaxed.
  • Make sure you are well groomed. A clean shave is unbeatable.
  • Keep your head straight and look straight into the camera.
  • Follow these rules – chest up, chin up, shoulders back.
  • You can use a little bit of make-up if you wish to hide any marks.

My experience with unique retail questions like this one…

Here’s the thing, retail stores want you to come in. They want customers! What’s frustrating is that they don’t typically have the time available to answer unique questions like these. Usually, they’re about the services they offer or the price of the services.

Here are my tips for getting your questions answered:

  • Pick up the phone – I know… you don’t want to hear this! I get it… there are long wait times on customer service calls. And it can be highly annoying. Although, if it saves you a trip, it saves you gas! If it’s a mile away, think about the $3.50 this will save you by making the call.
  • Visit the next time you’re nearby – If you can wait to get your question answered, visit the retail location the next time you’re nearby. For example, getting gas… Stop in and ask the question you have about their services. The next time you’ll know.

Common questions

Questions about passport photographs at Walmart.

Can I do it online?

Yes. One can upload his or her photo online, position the image in Walmart’s template and make the required changes to the photo uploaded. Then you need to do one of two things. Either pick it up from the nearest store or deliver it home. And it won’t take more than an hour to reach you.

If you find any issues with or are unable to work with online applications, you can always get help from Walmart.

You need to reach the store and ask the staff present there for directions. You will be guided well by them.

What should the passport look like?

The passport-size photo must be 2×2 inches with a head size of 1 to 11/8 when measured from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin.

Also, it must not have any grease marks or smudges on it. It must not be damaged. Do not use any filters while taking a photograph.

What are the various other photo sizes that are available for printing at Walmart?

The various other photo sizes that are available at Walmart for printing are listed below:
2“ × 2“
2“ × 3“
4“ × 4“
4“ × 5.3“
8“ × 10“
8“ × 20“
20“ × 30“
11“ × 14“
12“ × 12“
4“ × 6“
5“ × 5“
5“ × 7“
8“ × 8“
12“ × 18“
16“ × 20“

What if you are dissatisfied with your photo?

In case you are not satisfied with the photo taken by the photographer, you must alert him at the earliest. Once the picture is printed, nothing can be done except give it another try.

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