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Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay

Does Starbucks take Apple Pay? You make a morning coffee run and forget your wallet! Oh no! You are surely familiar with this situation… The thought of going back to get your wallet is infuriating. But thankfully, no matter how much early morning brain fog we are carrying around, we never forget our phones. Wherever we are, we always have our phones on us.

So, you always have the most convenient way to make transactions at Starbucks as long as your iPhone is with you. Head to the counter. Place your order and use Apple Pay to make the purchase.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is the built-in payment software for iOS. Since security is a high priority for Apple, Apple Pay is very secure. It is a fast way to make purchases and transfer funds.

As long as your bank account is connected to Apple Pay you can make all transactions through your phone at your convenience.

On top of that, it also makes transactions hygienic, as you can always opt for contactless payments at local retailers.

Starbucks and Apple Pay
Starbucks and Apple Pay

Does Starbucks Accept Transactions From Apple Pay? 

Starbucks prides itself on serving people on the go.

So making transactions quick and hassle-free is in their best interest.

So they try to provide a diverse range of payment options for their customers, leaving the choice up to them. This means that, of course, Starbucks also accepts Apple Pay which is widely chosen by millions of Americans nationwide (more than 30% of Americans choose Apple Pay).

What Transactions Can I Make At Starbucks Using Apple Pay?

Starbucks allows both online and offline purchases with or without going through the Starbucks app. It is a good idea to look at the specifics of which of these transactions can be made using Apple Pay.

The short answer is everything.

But we have broken it down further if you have a specific situation in mind. You can make the following types of transactions at Starbucks using Apple Pay:

  • If you do not use the Starbucks App and want to make a purchase at the store, you can pay at the store using Apple Pay.
  • If you use the Starbucks App for ordering but want to pay online at the store, you can use Apple Pay. But you should scan the Starbucks app first to get the Reward Stars.
  • If you want to connect your Apple Pay wallet with the Starbucks app, you can do that too. This allows you to make the purchase and get the Stars in the same step. You can reload the Starbucks Card with your Apple Pay and make payments at Starbucks through their own app.

To sum up, all payment options at Starbucks are perfectly compatible with Apple Pay.

Should I Connect My Apple Pay With The Starbucks App?

Yes, you should. But you should know exactly why. Starbucks has its Starbucks Reward program. This allows registered customers to earn Stars when they make purchases. You can get more free stuff from Starbucks later by redeeming these Stars.

But the best part is if you connect your Apple Pay with the Starbucks App or use it to recharge the Starbucks Card, you can earn double the Stars with each purchase.

This means you will earn Stars faster using Apple Pay. That will ensure you can get bigger and better rewards quicker at Starbucks.

Starbucks payment using the Starbucks app
Starbucks payment using the Starbucks app

How Do I Connect My Apple Pay To The Starbucks App?

To make payments through the Starbucks app you can use the Starbucks Card. This card has to be recharged with funds from your bank. But you can also use your Apple Pay to refill the Starbucks Cards. This lets you earn two Stars for each Dollar of recharge.

All you have to do is go to your profile in the Starbucks app.

Select the card and payment option and save your Apple Pay details by following the simple instructions.

Now select Apple Pay to refill the Starbucks Card and turn on auto-reload for ease.

This lets you select Apple Pay as your preferred payment option whenever you use the Starbucks app.

How Do I Make Purchases At Starbucks Outlets With Apple Pay?

You can make in-store transactions with Apple Pay directly or through the Starbucks App. For direct purchases, use the Apple Wallet.

Hold the phone near the contactless reader and then authorize the payment with Fingerprint or Face ID.

If Apple Pay is stored as your preferred payment method in the Starbucks app then it’s even simpler. Go near the contactless Point of Sale machine and press the Pay icon in the Starbucks app. The payment will happen automatically as soon as you scan the unique barcode.

Here are my best Apple Pay tricks and tips…

From my experience as an Apple Pay user. Here’s what you should know before you walk into a grocery store with the intent to use Apple Pay:

  • Make sure your phone is charged – Okay, seriously! This has been a terrible situation for me. I walk into the store, and then my phone is dead. And I have no other way to pay!
  • Have a backup payment – Yes, it’s that simple. Just make sure to carry a credit and debit card with you. Not all stores and locations have Apple Pay terminals (even if the website says it).
  • A little cash goes a long way – If you’re like me, having cash on you makes you feel secure. If all these payments fail, what else do I have? Saves embarrassment at the checkout counter!

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers about using Apple Pay at local Starbucks retail locations.

How do I refill my Starbucks Card?

Go to your profile’s payments and card section and use Apple Pay to refill the Starbucks Card.

Why is it better to connect my Apple Pay with Starbucks App?

Because by doing that, you can earn 2 Stars for every $1 spent.

Can I make all possible transactions with Starbucks through Apple Pay?

Yes, Apple Pay can be used for every transaction at Starbucks.

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