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Does Petco Take Apple Pay

Does Petco Take Apple Pay

I was going with a friend to my nearby Petco in Geneva, Illinois. It’s been there for a long time. And we were on the hunt for a leash. A retractable leash, to be exact. And when we got to the counter, uh oh! No credit card. Does Petco take Apple Pay? I’m here to tell you!

When we got up to the counter to check out, I was already looking at the card reader. I’m always looking at whether stores have contactless payment options now. Ever since I started to write more about which stores take these payment methods, I’ve been hooked on looking!

Some stores have great and easy options. Others need a little bit more work.

Here’s what I found out!

Does Petco take Apple Pay or what?
Does Petco take Apple Pay or what?

1) Petco does take Apple Pay at the counter and checkout

If you don’t have your wallet, Petco does take Apple Pay. It’s right on the card reader device. At least in our store, it was very clear that they accepted Apple Pay.

2) Using it was pretty easy

All we had to do was pull open our Apple Wallet on the phone, and then we were ready to go. We picked which card we wanted to use (we used a Chase bank card). Then it was onto the next step!

3) Informing the cashier and clerk

The cashier and clerk did ask what type of payment method we were going to use. They asked if it was a card or cash. We said, “Well, actually, it’s Apple Pay.”

After that, the cashier then pressed some type of button that allowed us to hold the iPhone closer to the card reader device.

4) The deal was done

If we didn’t have this on us, it would have been a situation where we had to go all the way back home and then had to come back to the store.

That would have stunk!

They did accept other payment methods, like Mastercard, Visa, and even club cards and a few others. I was surprised by that.

5) We got our receipt just fine

Another question that might come up is how quick is this to do, and do you get your receipt? Well, for us, it was quite quick. I would say even slightly faster than going through the checkout with a debit or credit card.

We got our receipt as though it was a normal transaction, and that was it!

6) It’s clearly marked—you won’t miss it

If your local store does accept Apple Pay (likely that it does), you’ll see the contactless payment logo toward the top of the card reader.

Typically it looks like this:

Tap to Pay at Petco
Tap to Pay at Petco

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