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Does Lowe’s Make Keys

Does Lowe’s Make Keys

Does Lowe’s make car keys? Do they duplicate all types of keys? Technically you can, but it depends on the key! And how soon they can do it can also vary, depending on what type of key you’re asking them to make you.

Does Lowe’s make keys?

Yes, they do make keys. However, you need to know what kinds of keys they make. Customers that are looking to get them to make a key can use their service either online or by visiting their store.

A copy of your key will be ready in a few minutes!

They can make home keys, office keys, and even car keys. You need to bring the key inside their store, and they will make a duplicate key.

What types of keys does Lowe’s make?

Getting Lowe’s to get you a duplicate key is the most convenient option if you lose a key. The company offers several key-cutting services.

However, it is better to call them first to check whether they can forge the particular key you are looking for.

Most of their branches serve key-duplication services. Specific types of complex key designs may not be duplicable in every outlet, e.g., transponder keys.

Typically, Lowe’s can make the following key types:

  • Car keys
  • Home keys
  • Remote keys
  • Locker keys
  • Safe keys
  • Branded keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Manual automotive keys
  • Entry keys
  • Post box keys

What is the cost of having Lowe’s make a key?

Lowe’s offers their key-making services at quite affordable rates. Typically, the price would increase based on the design complexity of the key. The price range for regular keys is between $1 and $5.

However, if you’re looking to duplicate a transponder key – the cost can be as much as $60. Furthermore, the price will be higher if you want a custom key with a unique design and/or imagery (logo).

Lowe's minute key
Lowe’s minute key

Can I get a copy of my keys at Lowe’s?

Lowe’s is an ideal place for all things concerning home improvement and hardware. So, you can get a duplicate of your existing key from Lowe’s. Make sure you call them first to check whether they can make the key you’re looking to duplicate before going into their store.

Remember to bring the original key with you, as they will need it to make the duplicate.

Does Lowe’s make car keys?

They do make car keys as well. If you order a car key from Lowe’s, they will send it to your place in a few days. You’ll have to visit their store if you want to get it immediately. They offer several car key services such as key duplication, chip keys, transponder keys, etc.

Lowe's Minute key
Lowe’s Minute key

How long does it take Lowe’s to duplicate a key?

Typically, duplicating a regular household key does not take more than 15 minutes. If you choose a self-service kiosk or a professional locksmith for a complex key design, it may take a little longer, but everything will be complete within 30 minutes.

However, if there is a lot of pending duplication work on busy days, you may have to wait until the following day to get your duplicate key.

How do I order a key online from Lowe’s?

You can pre-order your key blanks from Lowe’s, and they will ship them to your place in just a few days. However, if you are done with the duplication process at Lowe’s, you can do everything online instead of visiting their store. You’ll need to tell them your order number, contact information, and mailing/home address.

A little about Lowe’s

It is a popular home improvement & hardware brand having global acclaim. Currently, they have over 2000 stores in North America, with the second-biggest market share in the hardware market globally. Home Depot is its arch-rival, and it beat Lowe’s as the market leader in 1989.

When was Lowe’s founded?

Lowe’s came into the picture in 1921 and became a public company in 1961. Lucius Smith Lowe was the mastermind behind the company.

My experience with unique retail questions like this one…

Here’s the thing, retail stores want you to come in. They want customers! What’s frustrating is that they don’t typically have the time available to answer unique questions like these. Usually, they’re about the services they offer or the price of the services.

Here are my tips for getting your questions answered:

  • Pick up the phone – I know… you don’t want to hear this! I get it… there are long wait times on customer service calls. And it can be highly annoying. Although, if it saves you a trip, it saves you gas! If it’s a mile away, think about the $3.50 this will save you by making the call.
  • Visit the next time you’re nearby – If you can wait to get your question answered, visit the retail location the next time you’re nearby. For example, getting gas… Stop in and ask the question you have about their services. The next time you’ll know.

Common Questions

Questions and answers about Lowe’s key copy services.

Do all Lowe’s stores have manual and automated options?

No, typically, some stores have an automatic self-service kiosk, and others offer manual services for key duplication. Most stores will only have a single option. It is better to call them in advance to check which route they are offering before physically going to the store.

Can I get Lowe’s to make house keys?

Yes, Lowe’s also makes house keys, which will cost you much less than getting them from a professional locksmith. Also, you’ll be getting the key in a few minutes. It is ideal if you want to get a key in the shortest possible time. You’ll only have to pay anywhere between $1 to $5 to duplicate a regular house key.

Is Lowe’s self-service kiosks good at duplicating keys?

Yes, these self-service kiosks are great at duplicating standard home, car, and office keys and take much less time to complete the process. They are also very cost-effective as you will only pay for the blank keys.

However, these kiosks cannot duplicate complex key shapes and designs. You’ll have to use the services of professional locksmiths in such a case.

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