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Does CVS Take Apple Pay

Does CVS Take Apple Pay

Does CVS take Apple Pay? You might have been in those long lines at a local store. It can be daunting with all those people staring at you as you take out your credit card and take your time to swipe, enter your password, and make the payment. However, it can be an even bigger problem at a pharmacy, where people hurry to check out.

You might also have faced this issue at your local CVS pharmacy. However, did you know you can pay using Apple Pay at CVS?

Does CVS Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is undoubtedly among the most versatile and secure payment platforms, whether you pay using your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. If you pay in-store, you can make payments through dedicated browsers like Safari, iOS applications, or your Apple Watch.

Apple Pay is a digital wallet where you can add your banks and cards to make payments.

The platform is secure as it has a two-factor authentication feature. With this feature turned on, you must provide a password or PIN and use Apple’s Touch ID or Face ID to make the payments. The password or PIN acts as extra security, much like your credit card PINs.

Does CVS take Apple Pay? the short answer is ‘yes.’ However, you might want to explore more about how it works.

CVS terminal where you can use Apple Pay
CVS terminal where you can use Apple Pay

Can I use Apple Pay at a CVS store or pharmacy?

You can use Apple Pay to pay at a CVS store, or you can also use it on the dedicated website. CVS stores made Apple Pay a valid payment method towards the end of 2018. So, you can use your Apple Watch, iPhone, or even your iPad to pay at the pharmacy counters, during checkout, and in self-service lanes.

However, you should know CVS also has a dedicated payment platform, CVS Pay, through which you can make payments. CVS Pay works the same way as Apple Pay, where you make payments using a QR code. However, CVS discontinued its payment platform in 2018 and began accepting Apple Pay, besides a host of other wallets, instead.

Can I use Apple Pay when I shop at CVS online?

CVS accepts Apple Pay at their stores. However, it does not accept the popular payment method when you purchase online via its website or app. So, use your credit card when purchasing through the CVS website or the app. Alternatively, you can also use PayPal or a CVS gift card.

CVS also accepts other payment options besides Apple Pay, including those of Samsung, Google / Android, Coupons, Gift Cards, and even cash. So, you can also pay using any of these methods.

How to pay at a CVS store using Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a valid payment option to pay at a CVS Store. To purchase at a CVS Store using Apple Pay:

  1. Click on Apple Wallet on your Apple Watch or iPhone.
  2. Use two-factor authentication by doing a face unlock or touch ID and entering a password or PIN to authorize the purchase.
  3. Hold your Watch or iPhone to the contactless reader.
  4. Your payment should go through, and you should get a confirmation of the same after a few seconds.

Your payment is successful if your phone or watch beeps, your screen flashes green, or a checkmark appears on it.

How do I know if Apple Pay is available at a local CVS store?

Apple Pay is a valid payment option in over 6,000 CVS stores. You can know if a local CVS store nearby accepts Apple Pay via the official Apple website or through the Apple Maps application.

  • Visit the official Apple website and search for a local CVS store nearby. Apple usually updates its website frequently. And you should be able to get a list of all the CVS stores that accept Apple Pay.
  • Alternatively, you can also check if a CVS store nearby accepts Apple Pay using Apple Maps. To do this, open Apple Maps, and search for a CVS store nearby. You should also be able to find it under a section called Useful to Know. Here, you should see a checkmark against Apple Pay if it is accepted.

Here are my best Apple Pay tricks and tips…

From my experience as an Apple Pay user. Here’s what you should know before you walk into a grocery store with the intent to use Apple Pay:

  • Make sure your phone is charged – Okay, seriously! This has been a terrible situation for me. I walk into the store, and then my phone is dead. And I have no other way to pay!
  • Have a backup payment – Yes, it’s that simple. Just make sure to carry a credit and debit card with you. Not all stores and locations have Apple Pay terminals (even if the website says it).
  • A little cash goes a long way – If you’re like me, having cash on you makes you feel secure. If all these payments fail, what else do I have? Saves embarrassment at the checkout counter!

Key takeaways

You can pay at a local CVS store using Apple Pay and get various benefits. For instance, you can get a cashback of up to $35 via a Discover debit card via Apple Pay. However, you will first need to link your Discover card to your Apple Wallet.

You can also get a 1% discount as a CVS customer if you purchase a Discover Cashback Debit Card when you pay via Apple Pay. However, remember that the maximum value you can get is $120, although it is available daily.

About CVS

CVS is among the renowned pharmacy chains in the United States, with over 10,000 branches across 49 locations.

CVS sells OTC and prescription medications alongside several cosmetic products and other merchandise.

There are many CVS stores across the United States, alongside Longs Drugs retail stores, an online store, and an app. Headquartered in Rhode Island, CVS operates in 49 out of 50 states and even provides healthcare services apart from selling medications and other products.

The pharmacy giant has more than 1,100 Diabetes Care Centers through Minute Clinic – a premier medical clinic chain.

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