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Does Costco Take Mastercard

Does Costco Take Mastercard

Does Costco take Mastercard payments? If you’re like most people, you only think about what type of payment cards are accepted at the places you frequent on any given day. 

But when it comes to something as crucial as buying groceries and household items in bulk from your favorite store Costco. It’s vital that you know which payment methods they support before walking through the doors. 

So if Costco is where you do your shopping, the question is: does Costco take Mastercard? 

Does Costco take Mastercard?

The answer is a resounding yes (with limitations). Costco happily accepts payments made with Mastercard credit and debit cards and other popular credit and debit cards.. online. But customers visiting the store location may not be able to use the card reader to use a MasterCard. You can, however, use your Apple Pay to process a MasterCard payment.

By offering customers multiple payment options, the retail giant continues to provide a convenient shopping experience for its customers. 

Furthermore, this payment option allows customers to easily track their purchases through their banking statements or when using their credit card statements.

What payment does Costco accept?

Costco proudly accepts a wide range of payment methods to make purchasing from them easier than ever. 

  • All Visa Cards are accepted, and the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi is another excellent option for customers seeking an extra layer of convenience. 
  • MasterCard and Discover Cards (including JCB and Diners Club) can also be used when making payments. 

What payment methods are not accepted at Costco?

Though Costco is widely known for its cost-effectiveness and expansive inventory, it should be noted that the warehouses and gas stations accept payment methods through Visa only. 

This means that members shopping in-store cannot use American Express, Mastercard, Discover cards, or any other non-Visa credit card to pay for their purchases.

Is cash accepted at Costco?

Cash is accepted to pay for goods and services at any Costco location or online. Additionally, personal checks written by current Costco Members are also accepted. Business members of Costco can also write business checks to cover their purchases. 

Traveler’s checks are a dependable payment method that can be used at Costco too. Make sure to have the correct payment types when visiting a Costco store or initiating an online purchase.

Does Costco accept PayPal?

Sadly, Costco does not take PayPal as a form of payment for its products and services. However, you can use your PayPal balance to make payments at a Costco store. 

By shopping through selected online vendors that accept PayPal, you can purchase products from Costco and then pay for them with your PayPal balance. 

This option allows consumers to conveniently shop online or in-store at popular retailers such as Costco, making it the go-to digital wallet for many individuals and businesses.

Can I use a MasterCard at Costco?
Can I use a MasterCard at Costco?

Why did Costco switch to Visa?

The decision to move from American Express to Visa as the sole provider of its credit card makes perfect business sense for Costco. Not only does it provide customers with more choice and accessibility, but it also opens up opportunities for the store on a global level. 

Visa cards are accepted in hundreds of countries worldwide, compared to American Express’s presence in only a handful. 

Costco now has access to millions more potential customers than before. With this potential for a wider market and greater customer satisfaction, the switch to Visa was essential to Costco’s future development plans.

Things to know about the Costco Anywhere Visa Card

  1. With the Costco Anywhere Visa Card, cardholders can access a robust rewards program that benefits gas guzzlers, foodies, and frequent travelers. Along with providing cardholders with great discounts at Costco and no annual fee, cardholders enjoy cashback rewards on dining, travel, and even 1% cash back on all other purchases. 
  2. The Costco Anywhere Visa Card is the perfect choice for frequent travelers. It grants access to travel and emergency assistance, worldwide travel accident insurance, and comprehensive coverage when renting a car, adding an extra layer of security to any journey.
  3. If you’re looking to apply for Costco’s credit card, you should be aware that to use the card’s benefits, you must also have a current Costco membership. While the actual card has no annual fees, the memberships can range from $60 to $120, depending on the level of membership initiated. 

Here are my best payment method tricks and tips…

From my experience as an Apple Pay user. Here’s what you should know before you walk into a grocery store with the intent to use Apple Pay:

  • Make sure your phone is charged – Okay, seriously! This has been a terrible situation for me. I walk into the store, and then my phone is dead. And I have no other way to pay!
  • Have a backup payment – Yes, it’s that simple. Just make sure to carry a credit and debit card with you. Not all stores and locations have Apple Pay terminals (even if the website says it).
  • A little cash goes a long way – If you’re like me, having cash on you makes you feel secure. If all these payments fail, what else do I have? Saves embarrassment at the checkout counter!

Common Questions

Questions about payment options at Costco.

Can a nonmember pay at Costco?

As a non-member, you are welcome to shop at Costco; however, it can be beneficial to get a membership if you anticipate making regular trips. You enjoy exclusive member pricing and benefits such as access to special selections of products. Also, you may be able to take advantage of deals offered on memberships.

How many guests can you take with you to Costco?

Having a card with Costco opens up several possibilities for inviting friends, family, or colleagues to shop with you. In addition, you are allowed to bring two guests per visit, so it’s possible to enjoy the full Costco experience with a group of three. 

Can I return something to Costco after 2 years?

Costco offers a fantastic return policy that would take much work to find elsewhere. With no limit on the timeframe for returning items and taking back memberships, Costco provides a reassuring guarantee for customers. This means that even if you purchased something two years ago, forgetting about it until now, there is still a chance of getting your money back without hassle.

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