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Does Costco Take Apple Pay

Does Costco Take Apple Pay

Wondering if Costco takes Apple Pay? I’m a big Apple Pay fan! And also a big Costco fan. I had to find out the answer to this question!

Does Costco accept payments through Apple Pay?

Yes, Costco does accept payment from members by using Apple Pay. Since Apple Pay is one of the leading payment options through mobile, it is accepted by Costco. It is accepted at all the warehouses of Costco located across the US.

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Are there any limitations on Apple Pay payments at Costco?

While Costco does accept payment through Apple Pay, there are some limitations that you must be aware of.

  • The Costco warehouse where you are shopping must have contactless readers working on the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. This is essential, so your iPhone can communicate with the reader and complete the payment. There may be some Costco locations without such readers, so Apple Pay payment may not be possible.
  • If you have used Apple Pay, you will know Apple Pay allows you to link virtually any credit card to it. But to shop at Costco, your Apple Pay account must be linked to a VISA card. You must have a credit or debit card from VISA for the Apple Pay payments to go through at Costco.

How do you use Apple Pay at Costco to make payments?

As mentioned above, to use Apple Pay at Costco, you must have linked it to a VISA card. You must also find out if the store has an NFC reader. Once you are done with the purchase of the products you want, inform the cashier that you want to pay using Apple Pay. Three options are available: Touch ID, Face ID, or your Apple Watch.

  1. Bring the iPhone near the NFC reader used at Costco to pay using Touch ID. Touch the home button once the payment notification is shown. The Touch ID is activated to verify your fingerprint. Once the authentication is done, the transaction is completed, and payment is made.
  2. Place the iPhone near the NFC reader to use Face ID and wait for the payment notification. You need to press the side button two times for your default card. Look at the iPhone so that it can recognize your face. Face ID will recognize you and authenticate the transaction.
  3. If you use your Apple Watch, bring it close to the NFC reader. Press the side button two times to use your default card once the transaction notification is displayed. The transaction is complete, and you get to hear a beep sound.
Apple Pay reader
Apple Pay reader

Does Apple Pay payment at Costco involve additional fees?

No, there are no additional fees involved. When you use Apple Pay to make payments at Costco, there are no additional charges to be paid. Neither are there surprising hidden charges you will find out later. Whew! Using Apple Pay is free.

Does Costco accept Apple Pay at its gas stations?

Apple Pay is not accepted at present at gas stations. The payment readers used at most gas stations do not have the NFC technology to accept contactless payments. You cannot use Apple Pay at the gas stations and must pay using any VISA credit card, any debit card, or cash.

Here are my best Apple Pay tricks and tips…

From my experience as an Apple Pay user. Here’s what you should know before you walk into a grocery store with the intent to use Apple Pay:

  • Make sure your phone is charged – Okay, seriously! This has been a terrible situation for me. I walk into the store, and then my phone is dead. And I have no other way to pay!
  • Have a backup payment – Yes, it’s that simple. Just make sure to carry a credit and debit card with you. Not all stores and locations have Apple Pay terminals (even if the website says it).
  • A little cash goes a long way – If you’re like me, having cash on you makes you feel secure. If all these payments fail, what else do I have? Saves embarrassment at the checkout counter!

Common questions

Questions (and answers) for Costco customers!

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a payment option you can use through your iPhone. The mobile payment service replaces your physical card or cash, offering convenient ways to make payments. Whether you want to pay at a store or are shopping online, you can make the payment using the Apple Pay service. It is a globally accepted payment system across the world.

How does Apple Pay work?

To use Apple Pay, you need to link your debit or credit card with the service. Apple Pay ensures complete security and privacy by not storing your card number on either your device, its servers, or with merchants. Apple Pay generates a number for your device and a transaction code. This is used during payment processing. It is a contactless payment system you can use through your iPhone or any other Apple device.

Apart from Apple Pay, what other payment options does Costco support?

At Costco’s warehouses, you can pay using any Visa Card. You can also use most debit cards using a PIN. You can, of course, pay by cash or even using checks. Costo shop cards, EBT cards, Traveller’s checks, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay are the other accepted payment methods. 

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