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Does Costco Install Car Batteries

Does Costco Install Car Batteries

Does Costco install car batteries? Car batteries can be quite a pain in the butt! If you’re going to Costco to get your car battery replaced or installed, you might want to think twice before you bring it in!

Does Costco install car batteries?

No, Costco does not install car batteries irrespective of the vehicle build and make. To complete the installation process for a car battery, you have to use the services of other platforms like Walmart, Pep Boys, AutoZone, etc. However, customers who are looking to buy car batteries with big discount prices – can get these batteries in a Costco warehouse.

How much does it cost to buy car batteries from Costco?

Even though Costco does not sell car batteries in bulk – you can get a car battery having a competitive price. Costco will charge you anywhere between $60 to $100 for batteries depending on your car’s make/model. This is, on average, is about $15 to $40 less than what most other battery shops offer.

Furthermore, you can sometimes get around Costco’s service fee while buying a car battery. This can be done if you return your old car battery to them for recycling purposes. Costco typically charges approximately $15 for a core change.

Costco tire centre
Costco tire centre

What are the car battery options available at a Costco warehouse?

Costco keeps battery products of the Interstate Batteries brand – a reliable and popular maker of car batteries. There are multiple battery variants under this brand, including Standard Flood Batteries and Absorbed Glass-Matt Batteries. Standard flood batteries are popular in sedans and hatchbacks. On the other hand, AGM batteries are high-performance batteries for high-power luxury cars. You can check the official Costco website to check if they have a battery suitable for your car.

What are the alternative options for me?

Even though Costco does not offer any battery installation services, there are many reliable installation service providers. Here are some of them:

  • Advanced Auto Parts
  • Walmart
  • Pep Boys
  • Oreilly Auto
  • Batteries Plus

Does Costco provide warranties for their car batteries?

Typically, Costco offers a 36-month limited warranty for its car batteries. However, the replacement time for warranties can change depending on the battery type. By carefully reading the battery label, you will know exactly what is on offer.

How can I purchase a car battery from Costco online?

You can take advantage of a great deal on a car battery while buying it online from Costco. You only have to follow some simple steps.

  • Visit the official Costco website and search for car batteries.
  • Now, you’ll notice some sections where you can enter certain details regarding your car, such as its make, model, year of release, engine type, etc., on the top section of the website.
  • Upon entering all the relevant information, you can check all the valid options that are available for purchase.

If there are no car batteries at your nearest Costco store, you can enter a different pin code (or zip code) and see what’s available at other Costco stores in a certain radius.

What are the other car-specific services Costco offers apart from batteries?

Costco offers several car-specific services apart from letting customers buy car batteries at great prices. Some of these services include – an oil change service (may not be available at all stores), battery core charge service, car leasing services, etc.

Does Costco check car batteries?

Yes, Costco does test car batteries. However, this service will not be available at any Costco center. You will need to go to a Costco Tire Centre that has an “Auto Center” to test your car battery with a professional.

Are Costco car batteries a good deal?

If you have a Costco membership, you will find some of the best quality car batteries at their lowest prices. Costco only keeps car batteries from the brand Interstate Batteries which has very positive customer ratings across several sizes, makes, and models.

How long do Costco car batteries last?

Costco car batteries typically last between 3–5 years depending on factors like exposure to extreme weather, high electrical use, charging system, on-off engine cycles, build-up of dirt, grease, corrosion, etc.

Common questions

Common questions about Costco battery installation and services:

Does Costco Tire Service Centers install car batteries?

No, Costco Tire Service centers will not install your car batteries. However, it is a great place to purchase car batteries as you get a high-quality battery at a great price and a great warranty.

Why doesn’t Costco install car batteries?

Costco does not install car batteries for its customers because Costco technicians don’t have the necessary license(s) to work under the hood. It is a legal liability for them, and they only have the authorization to install and maintain car tires. So, the customer would have to install it or get it done by using another service like Walmart or Batteries Plus.

Does Costco give you money for an old battery?

Costco will not keep your old car battery and will set it up for recycling when you buy a replacement. They will offer you credit for your old car battery once you buy a new one from Costco.

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