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Does Costco Do Oil Changes

Does Costco Do Oil Changes

Does Costco do oil changes? Well, the short answer is no. It doesn’t do oil changes anymore, like it used to do until 2016-2017, in the Costco Auto Program, which provided cheap and excellent automotive services. The Costco Auto Program was introduced in 1989 to let genuine customers buy cars of their choice for an affordable price from a variety, such as sedans, SUVs, pick-ups, etc.

Later on, now it developed into a membership-exclusive model. It includes prearranged pricing to relieve its customers from unpleasant negotiations with up to 15% discount on vehicle maintenance, repairs, parts (such as tires) and accessories, and other benefits.

When did Costco stop doing oil changes?

Costco is an American multinational corporation that offers a wide range of products, from every day groceries to electronic essentials to ergonomic furniture as well. The company used to do oil changes before 2016. It discontinued its services owing to already discounted rates that were provided by standard service centers, inconsistent customer experience, and sales.

Another reason might be the fact that Costco Tire Centers have quite a mixed reputation for their service. This also did not align with Costco’s business model, which focuses primarily on the sale of bulk goods at reasonable rates, which is why Costco shut its auto services.

Although people were a little disappointed at the decision, it did not adversely affect Costco’s business, as exclusive discounts are nowhere else to be found.

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Does Costco sell motor oil so that I can change it myself?

Yes, Costco stores offer its customers a variety of standard motor oil from brands like Mobil, Kirkland, Castrol, and more. All these brands have a good reputation for selling high-quality oil at a bargain.

The oil prices fluctuate between $38.99 to $46.99, depending upon the brand, quantity, and type of oil. Some of the oils it sells are Mobil 10W-30, Kirkland 5W-20, Kirkland Signature 0W-20, etc.

Costco sells two types of engine oils, Diesel and Full Synthetic—specifically.

  • The average price of diesel motor oil from Costco is around $39.99.
  • The average price for full synthetic motor oil ranges from $38.99 to $46.99.

Another great way to save money on an oil change is by buying Jiffy Lube gift cards in the gift card section at Costco. They are available in a pack of two for a base value of $50 each, but you can get them both for $74.99. This means you easily save $25 on your next oil change. How cool is that!

oil change at costco

Why is changing your oil important at all?

An oil change is essential to keeping your vehicle’s engine running smoothly. Fresh oil helps in reaching the peak performance an engine can deliver. Changing your oil at regular intervals will keep your car lubricated and reduces the chances of significant damage to the fast-moving parts of the engine.

It also cools down the engine and removes dust, dirt, and debris, which are also responsible for reducing efficiency. If an oil change is delayed much, the heat can cause a gasket to blow up if it doesn’t warp the parts of your engine. Oil level indicators are often present in the speedometer display.

  • Usually, an oil change is recommended after every 5,000 to 6,000 miles (for diesel motor oil) or 6 months, whichever is earlier.
  • As for synthetic motor oil, it needs to be changed every 10,000 miles or twice a year.

Where else can you change your oil?

Walmart, the multinational retail corporation, does oil changes for automobiles. A typical oil change costs between $20 to $55 (approximately $32.99 on average) based on your location, vehicle type, and oil brand. No appointment is required, and it takes not more than 20 to 30 minutes. Like Costco, Walmart also has Auto Service Centers, which provide basic tune-ups, including an oil change, tire pressure, and battery performance checks.

Other than Walmart, Jiffy Lube is a great option to have your oil changed. They use Pennzoil Motor Oil for their service. And it is cheaper than any dealership you might visit, priced at an average of $32.99. And, of course, you can always get it done the cheapest way – by doing it yourself.

My experience with unique retail questions like this one…

Here’s the thing, retail stores want you to come in. They want customers! What’s frustrating is that they don’t typically have the time available to answer unique questions like these. Usually, they’re about the services they offer or the price of the services.

Here are my tips for getting your questions answered:

  • Pick up the phone – I know… you don’t want to hear this! I get it… there are long wait times on customer service calls. And it can be highly annoying. Although, if it saves you a trip, it saves you gas! If it’s a mile away, think about the $3.50 this will save you by making the call.
  • Visit the next time you’re nearby – If you can wait to get your question answered, visit the retail location the next time you’re nearby. For example, getting gas… Stop in and ask the question you have about their services. The next time you’ll know.


Questions about getting oil changes at a local Costco.

Is changing your oil regularly important?

Yes, it most definitely is. Changing your engine oil twice a year is necessary if you want a long-running and smooth life for your car’s engine.

How much does it cost to get an oil change on average?

On average, an oil change will cost you between $30 to $48, depending upon the vehicle, the brand, and the quantity of oil.

Does changing your oil filter make a difference?

Yes, oil filters are responsible for filtering the accumulated grit and grime that the motor oil collects while circulating in the engine.

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