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Does Best Buy Price Match Newegg

Does Best Buy Price Match Newegg

I wanted to know if Best Buy would price match Newegg… Here’s what I found when I tried!

Buying electronics is always a big splurge – an investment you expect long-term returns. Hence, customers always try to find the best deal and prices to make the final purchase.

That’s why most retailers offer the best price match policies, providing better prices than other competitors to strengthen customer loyalty.

If you, too, are looking to save some dollars on your next big electronics purchase, it is worth checking Best Buy’s price match policy. This popular retailer will match the prices of its competitors, including online retailers like Newegg. Requesting a price match at Best Buy is quite a quick and hassle-free process if you follow some simple store guidelines. 

My own experience with this…

I wouldn’t say that Newegg is as popular as it once was. Although, for serious gamers… I think Newegg is still a great retailer.

But this brings me to my point. If you’re a serious gamer, there’s a lesser than chance that you’re going to want to get your items at Best Buy anyway!

For example, they don’t have Alienware computers (at least as far as we can tell). And some of the more expert products that you might be looking for.

Use the hack at your own discretion and for the items that you care about!

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Things to keep in mind while asking Best Buy to price match Newegg

Best Buy is quite serious when it comes to serving the best deals and products to its customers. It has quite an extensive price match policy in place. That’s how you can get Best Buy’s impeccable services at cheaper rates than some of its local competitors are offering. However, there are some policies that they follow while offering the best price match for Newegg rates:

  • You can get a price match only for an identical item, from the model number to the product color. 
  • The item must be in stock and available for sale at Best Buy and Newegg stores at the time you request the price match. If the product is out of stock in Newegg stores, you can’t ask for a price match at Best Buy.
  • The price match policy applies only for rates offered by Newegg within the last 14 days. Best Buy will happily match it if you find a lower price on Newegg within those 14 days. 
  • You need to bring in proof of lower price at the store to benefit from this price match policy of Best Buy. 
  • The price match policy is not applicable on clearance, refurbished, and open-box items. 
  • A customer can request Only one price match at the time of purchase, which will apply to only one identical item per customer. The price match is allowed only at the current pre-tax price at Best Buy.
  • The policy is only applicable to Newegg online/offline store prices. It will not cover pricing available to select customers, including membership programs, loyalty offers, or any other discount Newegg offers regarding non-warehouse membership or paid loyalty programs. 

Step by step guide to getting a Newegg price match at Best Buy

It is quite simple to get a price match for Newegg at Best Buy and hassle-free. The store offers both online and offline support for its price match policy. 

For Online Price Matching at Best Buy

  • Find the product on the Newegg store and ensure it is an immediately available new model. 
  • Confirm that the said product in identical condition is available at Best Buy as well. It must match exactly the model number and color. 
  • Connect with Best Buy’s online chat service available on
  • Direct the agent to the current lower price on Newegg stores that you want to price match. 

For Offline Price Matching at Best Buy

  • Find the exactly similar product you want the price match for on Newegg online/offline stores. 
  • Take the proof of lower price available at Newegg to any Best Buy or Pacific Sales Store. 
  • Get in touch with the employees and present the proof to them. 
  • The store colleagues will review and verify the price match for a quick service. 

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Common Questions

Questions and answers about customers wanting that price match!

Does Best Buy price match in its stores?

Yes, Best Buy offer price match for all of its local competitors and select online stores, including Amazon, Apple, Crutchfield, and Dell. Others include Frys, HP, HomeDepot, Lowes, Newegg, OfficeMax, Rakuten Shopping, Sears, Target, TigerDirect, and Walmart.

Can I get multiple price matches at Best Buy?

Because of the stringent tax laws, Best Buy limits one online price match per identical item per customer. 

Can I get a price match for festive sales rates?

No, you cannot get a price match for any special offers running at competitor stores, including festive sales like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Christmas. For more details on Best Buy price match exclusions, you can visit their website by following this link

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