Cut-Backing: How To Ensure Yourself Cutting Expenses Is Best Option

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No one likes the idea of cutting expenses to try to save money.

That is, until they actually do it and realize two very important things: they enjoy the extra money saved, and the services and products they no longer buy aren’t very missed in the long run.

Expenses are part of the budgeting, spending and saving process but that doesn’t mean you can’t say no or so long to certain items even if they’ve been staples that you supposedly would label as necessities.

The true staples sound as those you’re channeling your inner cave man or woman, but they still ring true when you start with a foundation that is your budget. You need a house, a car, to pay your utilities (gas, electric for heat and power), food and nourishment. In today’s modern world, you have to go with insurance for that home and car, along with a few other things that come to mind, as most of us have some sort of credit card debt.

But what about those who end up spending money on things like cell phone plans, cable television, clothing (which is a necessity and belongs on that top list with some discretion).

For starters, the cable can go out the window, and that means all of it. You can stream your way to entertainment at a fraction of the price as the typical, traditional cable is something that is outdated at best. As for the cell phone, you’d be hard pressed for some to take on a lesser network then Verizon or AT&T but Sprint and T Mobile might be far behind the competition but they’re still viable, much less expensive options, not to mention other reputable companies like Cricket and Boost Mobile.

Clothing is something we absolutely need but at what price? A lot of what we buy can be purchased in the off season, when clothing is 50 to 70 percent cheaper, or you can forgo the department stores and instead buy used or at other retail spots that deal directly in not only used clothing but the kind that is imperfect (but only to the keen eye).

Food also should be specific to the grocery store kind, as limiting your eating out at restaurants for breakfast, lunch or dinner should be kept at a minimum. Dinner three times per week alone can cost you a few thousand dollars, money that could be doing much better in a savings account.

While “cutting” sounds bad, it actually can be the most beneficial part of being able to save money.

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