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Costco Passport Photos

Costco Passport Photos

Does Costco take passport photos!?

If you need passport photos, you can get them at different retail stores and pharmacies. But some options are cheaper and better than others.

So, if you’re considering Costco passport photos, you’ve come to the right place. This article will tell you everything you need to know about this service.

My Experience With Costco Passport Photos…

If you’ve read this blog you’ll know that I actually like the Walmart option here instead.

Although, I was a fan of Costco’s options when it was available!

Can You Get Costco Passport Photos?

For many years, Costco offered passport photos for an affordable price. Unfortunately, you’ve missed this chance because this service stopped in 2021. Yet, the photo center still offers several photo-related services that you can get.

Back in the day, Costco offered passport photos with white backgrounds measuring 2 X 2 inches, with a resolution of 301 dpi. Pictures were printable and available for online submissions.

Why Did Costco Stop the Photos Service?

People loved Costco passport photos because they could get them quickly. In addition, the photos complied with government guidelines, which is why more than 1 million people have used this service for the past seven years.

Although Costco offered a money-back guarantee, demand for photo-related services declined over the past few years. Finally, in February 2021, the store decided to stop offering this service. So, people can longer have their photos taken and immediately printed at Costco.

Yet, the store and online website still allow you to print your photos. So, if you have a digital photo meant for your passport, you can print it for 20 cents per photo.

What Are the Guidelines for Passport Photos?

You should follow passport-photo requirements before you can print it at Costco. The guidelines are pretty strict.

  • Your passport photo should be in color.
  • Selfies aren’t allowed, so you should ask someone to take your photo.
  • Use a photo that is no older than six months old.
  • Take the photo against a white or off-white background.
  • Keep your head centered for the photo.
  • You should provide a clear photo without any social media filters.
  • Take off your eyeglasses for your photo.
  • The photo should be sharp and clear without any pixelation.
  • Face the camera with a neutral expression.
  • No alteration is allowed.
  • Your whole face should be visible without any clothes or hair hiding it.
  • You can’t wear hats or other head coverings except for religious or medical reasons.

What Photo-Related Services Does Costco Offer?

Although you can no longer take your photos at Costco, you can submit them online to Costco Photo Center and print them. You can also upload your photo to Costco’s app and download it.

So, if you want to get a passport photo, you need to follow the government guidelines. Otherwise, the photo won’t be clear.

In addition to printing this service, Costco offers several photo-related services.

Design a Photo Book

This is a great way to keep your memories or prepare a special gift. Costco offers high-quality designs for keepsakes that stay in your family for several generations.

You can design a photo book for a birthday party, honeymoon, wedding, or any special event, and the books start at 30 pages and up to 100 pages of your precious memories. In addition, you’ll be able to personalize your photo book according to your taste.

Get a Photo Blanket

Enjoy the warmth with your loved ones with a personalized fleece blanket decorated with your favorite photos. This is a great Christmas or farewell gift for a family member.

You can personalize your blanket by selecting the orientation and using one photo or a collage. The plush fleece is durable and warm, and the photos will make it even warmer.

Digitize Your Photo and Video Memories

If you have old photos and videos, you know that they’re prone to damage. But digital files are more durable and can withstand the test of time.

Costco offers a convenient photo where you can change old photos and videos into a digital form. Whether it’s an old home video film, VHS, photo, or slides, Costco will store it on a DVD or USB.

Personalize Wall Posters

Add a special touch to your home or office with personalized posters with photos of your choice. For example, you can create a collage of your family photos, landscape shots, or any photos you prefer to use. Moreover, you get to choose the poster size to suit your space.

Costco offers wall art in metal, canvas, or acrylic prints. Metal prints resist scratching and show the tiniest details in your photos. Canvas prints have a special texture that adds character and depth to the photo your print. Acrylic prints make the colors pop, and images look more vibrant.

Where Else Can You Get Passport Photos?

You can always get your passport photo at a professional studio. But if you want to get affordable photos, you can try the following options.

  • Rite Aid offers the cheapest passport photos, where you can get two for $8.99.
  • USPS offers two passport photos for $15.
  • FedEx offers two passport photos for $14.95.
  • Walgreens offers two passport photos for $14.99.
  • CVS Pharmacy offers two passport photos for $14.99.

Wrap Up

Costo no longer offers its passport photos service. So, you can’t get your photo taken at the store.

Nevertheless, you can upload your photo to the website or app and print it. Yet, you should make sure that it follows the strict government requirements.

Costo still offers other photo-related services, and if you want to get your passport photo, you can get it from other stores.

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