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Apple Employee Discount

Apple Employee Discount

It turns out Apple employees can get a 25% discount on several Apple products and a 50% on Apple software!

I was curious about the Apple employee discount, and here’s what I found out!

Disclaimer: I have not been an Apple Employee prior to writing this article. Although, to get some information I did speak with a few friends and family members who were prior Apple Store employees. They have helped to validate the information contained in this article.

My experience with employee discounts…

As a previous retail worker myself. Here are a couple of things that are important to consider:

  • An employee discount can make the entire job. If you’re an avid shopper or customer, then an employee discount is going to save you a lot of money. Make sure to take it into consideration when you’re choosing a job for yourself.
  • Ask your manager about the latest benefits. Sometimes, these percentages change, and it’s best to know what the real discount is.

1. You get a 25% discount as an Apple employee (pretty awesome!)

After working as an Apple employee for 90 days or more, an Apple employee can make a one-time use of a 25% discount on each product line category. The main product lines of Apple consist of – the iPhone, the iPad, the iMac, and Apple Watch.

And yes, discounts apply to certain Apple offerings like Apple Care, product accessories, and software.

2. You can buy additional products at a discount (multiple items for friends and family)

In addition to the 25% discount for a single product in every category, you also get a flat 15% discount for a maximum of 10 units. This comes under the “family & friends discount” policy.

After working at Apple for over two years, you’ll qualify for a free $500 to buy anything you want! All these benefits amount to you receiving a free iPhone every two years!

3. You can get a 25% discount on Apple Care and 50% on software

Yes, it does cover Apple Care and other Apple accessories. Employees can purchase Apple software at a whopping 50% discount and Apple Care at a flat 25% discount once every year.

4. The employee discount works on

If you are an employee of Apple, you can use the Employee Discount by going to Apple’s online store for employees.

To access it, you need to enter your employee ID and password. In this case, your employee ID will be your promo code.

After logging in, you’ll be able to go over the list of products that qualify for this discount. You can select the product and apply the discount at checkout.

5. There may be some restrictions when thinking about third-party sellers (like Best Buy)

No. An Apple employee cannot apply the special discount while purchasing an Apple product from any electronics store.

The employee has to buy the product from an Apple Store to receive the discount. They’ll have to show their employee ID during the payment process.

Apple Store employees
Apple Store employees

6. Not all products and services qualify for the employee discount program (this makes sense)

The Apple employee discount applies to almost all Apple products, with the exception of certain products like Apple gift cards, Apple Care+, Special Edition products, and non-standard variants (subject to Apple’s discretion) that will not qualify for the employee discount program.

7. You do quality for third-party discounts

Yes, Apple employees also get third-party discounts on most Apple products.

Products like the iPhone, MacBook, iPad, Apple Watch, etc., all qualify for third-party discounts.

8. If you retired with Apple, you might get additional benefits

Yes, the Employee Discount program covers both existing and retired Apple employees.

So, any Apple employee could take advantage of this discount policy.

9. You won’t get free access to streaming services forever

From January 2020, all Apple Store and Apple Care employees had free access to Apple Arcade and Apple TV+. All employees from levels S1 to S5 qualified for this program.

10. Know the general conditions of the program for employees

The key terms and conditions that apply to Apple’s Employee Discount program are as follows:

  • Only current or retired Apple employees would be eligible for the Employee Discount.
  • Refurbished items or second items are not eligible for the Employee Discount.
  • An Apple employee can use the special discount to purchase the product for personal use and not for resale purposes.
  • Apple holds the right to get rid of this discount policy at any time.

11. You won’t get a free iPhone (sorry!)

No, existing Apple employees don’t get new iPhones for free. However, an Apple employee can get the latest iPhone at a much lower price.

12. Employees do get special discounts

Yes, an Apple employee can use their Employee Discount whenever they want. It does not matter if a sale event is going on or not.

13. Some additional third-party deals are worth it

Apple gives employee discounts on several third-party products like – iPhone covers, screen guards, bands for Apple Watch, iPad covers, MacBook accessories, etc. Discounts typically range from 10% to 50%.

Common questions

Questions and answers from employees (and future employees!):

What are some of the other employee benefits that Apple offers other than Employee Discounts?

Some of the major benefits, Apple employees receive are as follows:
– Mothers get a 4-week paid leave before giving birth and a 14-week paid leave after giving birth.
– Apple covers the entire cost of cryogenic egg freezing for its female employees.
– Employees get free beer, appetizers, and tickets to high-profile music events during Apple’s beer bashes.
– Employees also get substantial gym membership credits every year.

What is the Employee Discount range for iMac computers?

The employee discount range for Apple (iMac) computers typically ranges from 30% to 41%.

Does Apple give free iPhones to its developers?

No, Apple does not give away products for free to its employees, irrespective of their designation or experience. This is a common misconception many people have. It is typically the case that it is the customer who gets to access the latest Apple products and all their features.

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