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Amazon Account Hacked

Amazon Account Hacked

Did your Amazon get hacked? Amazon is the second biggest retailer in the world, where you can buy almost anything… Trust me, I’ve tried!

And that popularity comes at a steep price.

The retail giant is a prime target for hackers all over the world because they possess a massive database of shoppers with hundreds of millions of credit card numbers in their system.

One day, you might wake up to a notification from your bank or Amazon telling you about a purchase you don’t remember making.

What will you do then?

This article will tell you exactly what actions you need to take if your Amazon account gets hacked.

My Experience Getting an Amazon Account Hacked…

This has happened to me… And I’m embarrassed by it! Although, I realized that I shouldn’t be. Apparently, more people are getting their accounts hacked than Amazon would like to admit!

It’s a big problem. And you’re a victim of it (like I was!), don’t worry! It’s an easy solve!

What Should I Do If My Amazon Account Got Hacked? 

If you find bank or Amazon notifications about a purchase you didn’t make, take a deep breath.

You might have been hacked.

Thankfully, there are plenty of systems in place that can help you get your money back and secure your Amazon account against hackers.

First, you want to determine if the transaction was truly unauthorized before reporting it by following the checklist here.

Then log into your Amazon account. Immediately unlink all the credit cards that you’ve entered into Amazon’s database so hackers can’t just one-click their way through your savings.

Next, go to the orders page and click on archived orders. 

Hackers often make purchases and “hide” their actions by hiding their orders in this section.

If you find any suspicious orders, go to your account page, and click the “Report unauthorized orders” button.

You can read what Amazon has to say about unauthorized transactions here so you know exactly how they’re going to help you.

My Amazon Account Got Hacked, And I’m Locked Out

What if you receive notifications of a purchase but can’t seem to log into your account?

There’s a strong chance that hackers have placed an order, then changed your Amazon password to prevent you from doing anything about it.

So if you can’t access your accounts page to report unauthorized purchases, what can you do?

You can call Amazon’s fraud and security department directly at (888) 280-4331.

You will need to confirm your identity to the customer service reps first. Then they will help you lock your account until the issue is resolved.

Hackers might also try to hack into your Amazon-associated email address as well.

There, they can apply a filter that redirects all mail from Amazon directly to your trash folder to completely avoid your notice.

So make sure your email hasn’t been hacked as well.

If you want to know if your email has been hacked or not, read this.

If the phone number listed above isn’t working, create a new Amazon account and submit a help ticket from your new account instead.

Why Did A Hacker Make A Purchase And Have It Shipped To My Address?

This is where things can get complicated.

Sometimes, hackers infiltrate your account and make a purchase with their own credit card information.

There might be no changes made to your billing information, your address, your password, or anything at all.

You might simply receive a package one day with a product a hacker paid for themselves.

With nothing else out of the ordinary. 

So what gives?

Did a hacker just decide to send you a Christmas gift in advance?

In this situation, there’s a strong chance that hackers are testing stolen credit card information to make sure that the details they have are correct.

The purchase made with your account here might be a “test” to see if a card is working and legitimate.

And since the purchase is made on your account, to Amazon, it appears as if you are the one using stolen credit card information to make purchases.

In this situation, you want to go to your account information page and click on the button to report unauthorized orders.

Hackers are banking on your silence here as you undergo no damages or losses as they test their stolen cards.

But doing the right thing can help authorities catch the culprits before they steal more identities or credit cards.

Will Amazon Refund An Unauthorized Purchase Made By A Hacker?

Amazon has a dedicated fraud department to help customers regain their account and money after a hack.

Once you have reported an unauthorized purchase through the option on your accounts page, Amazon will investigate.

They may take up to 90 days to complete their investigation before they refund your money.

The sooner you report, the better your refund chances are.

Follow the guidelines to secure your account as listed here. Amazon will quickly refund your money once they determine beyond reasonable doubt that fraud has occurred.

Someone Hacked My Amazon Account and Changed My Email Without Making Any Purchases

In some situations, you might be unable to log into your Amazon account because your password has been changed. 

Then, you might receive an email from Amazon notifying you that your account has been frozen. You might be presented with a link in the email for you to click on to verify your identity.

There is a chance that this is a phishing attempt to get your account details and that the email is not from Amazon at all. Don’t forget to look for that!

Contact your bank and freeze the credit cards you’ve registered with Amazon in this situation. Then talk to your bank’s fraud division and explain what happened.

How Do I Secure My Amazon Account Against Hackers

Your first defense against hackers is to have a strong password. Pick something that’s not a birthday or a common word in the dictionary. Follow the tips listed here to make a strong password.

The next best defense is to have two-factor authentication activated on your account. 

And finally, if you want to share the benefits of an Amazon account with others, do so with the household sharing features. Do not share passwords or credit card information with others, as that presents an unwanted security risk, even if you know them well.

Common Questions

Questions (and answers) to your pains!

What do I do if my Amazon seller account was hacked?

Contact seller support at 206-922-0880 and explain your situation.

What do I do if Amazon is unwilling to refund unauthorized purchases?

Contact your bank, explain the situation, and dispute the charges.

What if I am unable to recover my account even after I’ve tried everything else?

Contact Amazon via Twitter or one of their representatives on LinkedIn and explain your situation.

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